Home Blogs Seven Puppies Rescued from Remote Island Await Adoption

Seven Puppies Rescued from Remote Island Await Adoption

Seven Puppies Rescued from Remote Island Await Adoption

Junior Cook, a Canadian boater, was navigating near a small, uninhabited island off Cross Keys, Manitoba,

when he heard unusual sounds emanating from the land. Concerned, he returned the following day for a closer inspection and was stunned to find seven puppies whimpering and scampering about the deserted island.

Without hesitation, Cook contacted the Norway House Animal Rescue, an organization committed to rescuing cats and dogs. They quickly responded to his call for assistance.

The rescue team was not immediately able to transport the puppies but ensured they were provided with food and water in the interim. Eventually, arrangements were made to move the puppies to a shelter in Winnipeg, where they will remain until they are adopted. This temporary stay will also allow their personalities to become more apparent, aiding in finding them suitable forever homes.

The puppies, named Mr. Howell, Lovey, Ginger, The Professor, Mary-Anne, Gilligan, and Skipper, are all eagerly awaiting adoption. It is hoped that these resilient pups will soon find loving families to call their own.

For more on their story and to see them in action, watch the video below.


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