Home Blogs Malnourished Elderly Cat’s Desperate Fight for Survival Leads to Renewed Hope

Malnourished Elderly Cat’s Desperate Fight for Survival Leads to Renewed Hope

Malnourished Elderly Cat’s Desperate Fight for Survival Leads to Renewed Hope

Dessy, a devoted foster and rescue advocate, has welcomed numerous distressed cats and kittens into her home. One day, while running errands, she encountered a feral cat in dire straits. The cat was emaciated and seemed in urgent need of assistance.

This elderly feline wandered the streets alone, doing his best to fend for himself. In such poor condition, he approached Dessy and began to meow desperately.

Heartbroken by his plight, Dessy knew she had to act fast. The cat was feral, making it challenging to directly place him into a carrier, so she first needed to build his trust.

Dessy visited him daily, providing food until he felt secure enough to be taken to the vet. There, he received antibiotics and eye drops before he was ready to be taken to her home.

As Dessy and her husband had committed to fostering needy cats, they generally cared for them at their residence. However, as the number of strays in need grew, their home became insufficient.

With the support and donations from generous individuals, Dessy and her husband were able to rent a space outfitted with all the essentials for a cat’s comfort.

“Thanks to our supporters, we’ve secured a room for this elderly cat and others in need. We’ve named it the ‘Happy Cats Room.’ It’s still evolving, and we aim to transform it into a haven for cats,” Dessy explained.

Aslan, the senior cat, was the first to recuperate in this sanctuary.

Bathing Aslan was a challenge due to his feral nature. Dessy recalls, “He’s unused to human contact, let alone being handled.” Consequently, she used protective gloves for the bath and placed him in a carrier with a heater to dry.

Finally, Aslan could relax in his new favorite place—a cozy, warm cat bed where he spent many hours resting.

Still wary of human interaction, they had to be inventive with his medication routine. Dessy cleverly mixed antibiotics with his food, but administering his eye drops required gaining his trust over time.

In a video update weeks later, Aslan appeared to be enjoying his favorite spot. Although still cautious of human contact, they managed occasional gentle cuddles.

Soon after, a compassionate woman reached out to Dessy, eager to adopt Aslan and provide him with the loving care he deserved.

Now, Aslan is poised to spend his twilight years in a secure and affectionate home, all thanks to Dessy’s dedication to rescuing this endearing senior cat from a life of hardship.


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