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Grandmother, 63, Announces Pregnancy with 26-Year-Old Husband

Grandmother, 63, Announces Pregnancy with 26-Year-Old Husband

A couple with a significant age difference of 37 years has excitedly announced that they are expecting a child together.

Cheryl, aged 63, and her 26-year-old husband, Quran McCain, developed their relationship through a shared passion for TikTok, where they have garnered millions of followers.

The American duo exchanged vows in 2021, proclaiming their profound love for each other. They describe their connection as multi-dimensional and boast of their ‘exceptional’ chemistry, both romantically and domestically.

Despite their joyous union, they felt a void without a child.

Their aspiration was recently fulfilled when they publicly shared their joyous pregnancy news on social media.

Though Cheryl and Quran scarcely acknowledge their age disparity, their online audience occasionally subjects them to harsh criticism.

In an interview with Truly, Quran addressed the negative comments: “Some backlash includes cruel remarks like I’m dating my grandmother, or that she could never have my child.”

Cheryl, a mother to seven children from a previous relationship, responded: “People should focus on their own lives rather than attempting to disrupt mine.”

Addressing the online harassment, Cheryl conveyed to Love Don’t Judge: “The hurtful comments bring me to tears. It affects my self-esteem and overall well-being negatively.”

“I aim to spread positivity—many youngsters admire us. Yet, it’s challenging to remain positive when faced with relentless negativity.”

Cheryl and Quran continue to focus on their primary goal of building a family, despite previous challenges in their path.

The couple began their surrogacy journey in 2022. They faced a setback when a surrogate prematurely exited their agreement, citing a breach of contract due to unprotected relations with her partner, as reported by MailOnline.

Quran shared with “It feels as though people approach us with ulterior motives. We’re financially strained; we don’t earn from our content. And then, the surrogate significantly depleted our resources.”

He revealed they had covered the surrogate’s expenses, including food, travel, and even contributed to her holiday budget, emphasizing their effort to ensure her contentment as she was to offer them a cherished gift.

Ultimately, the much-anticipated news arrived.

On May 9, via TikTok, the couple announced the positive outcome of their surrogate’s pregnancy test. An emotional Quran, captured during the doctor’s visit, expressed his excitement: “I’m going to be a father.”

The response from their followers has been overwhelmingly supportive, with comments such as: “Congratulations, ignore the detractors. We’re thrilled for you both,” and “What wonderful news, a child is indeed a miraculous blessing.”


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