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Couple Discovers Their Reserved Shelter Cat is a Veritable Social Butterfly

Couple Discovers Their Reserved Shelter Cat is a Veritable Social Butterfly

If you’re eager for another uplifting cat adoption tale, this story is sure to delight.

Introduce yourself to Cass, a captivating calico cat who not only revels in playful antics with her canine companion Riley but also thrives on engaging in conversations with her owners and soaking up the affection she rightfully believes she deserves.

Cass’s journey began amidst a fierce Montana blizzard, leading to her rescue by enthusiastic cat lovers and her subsequent arrival at the Heart of the Valley animal shelter. At the same time, her soon-to-be owners were establishing their new home together, pondering the addition of a cat to complete their living arrangement.

Emily was initially uncertain about bringing a cat into their minimally furnished home but was persuaded by her fiancé’s eager anticipation of adopting a cat. Their visit to the shelter seemed destined, as both felt an immediate connection with Cass.

Cass appeared as a gentle, quiet shelter cat, prompting them to welcome her into their home without hesitation, thereby concluding her stint at the shelter. However, once acclimated to her new environment, Cass unveiled her dynamic character, amusing Emily and her fiancé with her unexpected loquacity, a trait she had initially concealed.

Reflecting on their first meeting, Emily remarked, “She seemed so subdued when we first met, which really doesn’t match her true personality at all.” She continued, “She welcomes us home every time we walk through the door. I even put her on calls with my friends just to say hi because she’s so vocal. It feels like having a real conversation.”

It turns out, Cass’s reserved facade at the shelter was just that—a facade. She was, after all, on a mission to secure her forever home in Montana.

Not only is Cass talkative, but she also shows no understanding of personal space. Emily describes her as more than a typical lap cat—Cass loves to snuggle right up to people’s faces!

“When we first brought her home, she would sleep with her face pressed against mine every night. We had to negotiate my breathing space because she kept moving closer every time I moved away,” Emily shared.

Initially, Emily and her fiancé intended to keep Cass confined to one room for a week to help her acclimate. However, Cass quickly dismissed this plan, eager to explore and immerse herself in the heart of household activities.

About a year later, they introduced a dog named Riley into their home. Cass and Riley quickly formed a bond, although, as Emily notes, they are still figuring out their interspecies communication. Whenever Riley receives a treat, Cass insists on her share, driven by a sense of fairness.

“Why should Riley get all the treats while she’s left out?” Emily muses, reflecting Cass’s perspective.

Luckily, sharing treats has never been a problem for them, unlike the dynamic between me and my brother.

Emily is undoubtedly thrilled that she embraced her fiancé’s suggestion to adopt Cass. With her conversational nature and endearing quirks, Cass has brought boundless joy into their lives.

With Cass and Riley by their side, Emily and her fiancé have indeed struck gold!

For those captivated by this charismatic calico, you can follow her adventures on Instagram. It’s a choice you’ll surely be glad to make!


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