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God’s Unchanging Message to You Today

God’s Unchanging Message to You Today

Even now, as doubts about My very existence arise, My love for you remains steadfast—unchanging, unwavering, and patiently awaiting the chance to enter your heart’s innermost chambers. In this quiet stance, I humbly ask you to unlatch the door, allowing Me to become intricately woven into your being. In times of darkness, and as your source of joy, understand My profound desire to be your constant companion, your guiding light. My aim is to be your eternal source of love, peace, and happiness. I long to heal the deep wounds in your heart and spirit.

It is crucial that you open your heart, set aside the transient joys this world offers, and cease ignoring My calls or delaying our union. Permit Me to fill your heart with the richness of My love and grace. By opening yourself to Me, your existence will transform. In My presence, I can mend your deepest injuries and bring solace amid life’s turmoil. You need not bear life’s burdens alone, nor face challenges unaided.

Draw near to Me, especially when life’s pressures mount. Entrust your worries to Me. At every crossroad, My guidance awaits your call. Unwavering from dawn to dusk, through every breath you take—even in the deepest silence of night—I am ready to hear your prayers and offer forgiveness, regardless of the severity.


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