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Zola’s Labrador Litter Showcases Rare Black, Yellow, and Chocolate Pups

Zola’s Labrador Litter Showcases Rare Black, Yellow, and Chocolate Pups

In an extraordinary development, Zola, a 4-year-old black Labrador retriever, has given birth to a litter featuring a stunning mix of yellow, chocolate, and black puppies.

This rare assortment of colors in a single litter is seldom seen, marking a significant occasion for Labrador aficionados.

Tina Davis (62) and Martin Davis (63), the delighted owners of Zola, began their Labrador breeding endeavors in 2006.

Their goal? To expertly navigate genetics to produce a litter that included all three classic Labrador colors.

To this end, the Davis couple collaborated with Wylanbria Kennels, a reputable stud farm they have partnered with since their initial breeding efforts.

Their vision was further realized with the assistance of Diana Stevens (47), the proprietor of Wylanbria Kennels. Together, they aimed to develop a lineage of stud dogs that could consistently produce this tricolor litter when paired with their female Labs.

The male contributing to this genetic marvel was Stevens’ 3-year-old black Labrador, Rocks. Rocks was carefully selected for his ability to carry genes for all three Labrador colors.

Achieving this genetic milestone was no easy feat. It required over a decade of dedicated effort to align the right genes, culminating in the birth of ten captivating puppies on October 18—comprising two yellow, three chocolate, and five black pups.

Reflecting on that significant day, Tina Davis expressed her long-held anticipation and joy to SWNS, “From the beginning of our breeding journey, we envisioned a male and female pair capable of producing all three colors. Today, we have realized what once seemed an elusive dream.”

However, their breeding endeavors extend beyond merely achieving a diverse color palette. “It’s imperative that we focus on the health of the puppies as well. Labradors are susceptible to various genetic disorders,” she pointed out, underscoring the importance of responsible breeding.

Zola’s remarkable pregnancy was not without its difficulties, ultimately necessitating a C-section for delivery. Consequently, Davis has decided against breeding Zola again. Nevertheless, the legacy is set to continue, as half of Zola’s extraordinary litter carries the genetic potential to replicate this tricolor phenomenon in future generations.

With a hopeful outlook, Davis plans to further the lineage through one of Zola’s daughters, opening up thrilling prospects for future color combinations. “Successfully breeding this multicolored litter has laid the groundwork for us to duplicate this achievement,” Davis stated proudly.

She concludes, “Regardless of their color, each puppy promises to be a wonderful addition to any family they join.”


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