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Why Did God Select Israel as His Chosen People?

Why Did God Select Israel as His Chosen People?

Consider the nation of Israel as a testament to God’s unwavering faithfulness.

Positioned across the Atlantic Ocean in the Middle East, the nation of Israel, roughly the size of New Jersey, has consistently held and continues to hold a pivotal role in world history. The Israelites are referred to as God’s chosen people throughout the scriptures. Whether you are newly acquainted with the faith or have long been a follower, you might ponder why Israel was selected by God as His chosen people. What distinguishes Israel from other nations?

The phrase itself suggests that God reviewed all nations on earth before declaring, “This is the one I choose.” This, however, is not exactly what occurred, but the designation as God’s chosen people prompts the question, “Why Israel?” The following insights aim to clarify this choice.

God selected an individual, not a nation.
When considering Israel, one typically thinks of a collective—a nation. That is the current reality, but historically, it was not. In Genesis, the narrative of Israel as a nation is non-existent. Instead, God’s covenant began with one individual: Abraham. As outlined in Genesis 12:1-3, God’s choice was not a nation initially; it was Abraham, and from him, He forged a great nation.

This distinction is crucial because it wasn’t a random selection of Israel. The nation’s emergence was the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham. This does not elevate Israel above others; rather, it highlights God’s remarkable nature as a promise-keeper. Remember, when reflecting on Israel and its territory, it symbolizes God’s reliability—His promises are always fulfilled. The Israelites symbolize God’s allegiance to Abraham and His fulfilled promise.

God required representatives of His character on Earth.
Another rationale for choosing Israel relates to God’s need for a group to uphold His standards on Earth. As detailed in Exodus 19:3-6, God instructed Moses on what to convey to the Israelites following their exodus from Egypt. One of God’s objectives for Israel was to create a populace committed to His covenants and His commandments.

By adhering to these, they would serve as earthly envoys of God’s divine ordinances, setting a standard for neighboring nations. The covenant established was conditional; disobedience and neglect of God’s laws would lead to the loss of certain privileges and blessings. Nonetheless, God’s vision was for Israel to be a sacred nation, dedicated to His divine purposes.

God intended for Jesus to emerge from a specific lineage to fulfill a prophecy in Genesis.
The most profound reason for choosing Israel is undoubtedly tied to the lineage of Jesus. This decision was pivotal because Jesus’ arrival fulfilled a major prophecy made to Abraham—a blessing that extends to every individual on Earth. How could such a small nation impact all of humanity? The answer lies in Abraham’s lineage leading to Jesus, the Messiah.

This fulfillment in Jesus enables the promise of salvation to reach every corner of the globe. Reflecting on the book of Revelation, specifically Revelation 12:9, a vision shows a multitude from every nation before the throne, symbolizing the universal blessing emanating from Abraham’s descendants.

From covenant to covenant, promise to promise.
God’s commitment did not cease with Israel. His fidelity extends beyond, encompassing all who trust in Christ as their Savior. If you have embraced Christ, you too are deemed God’s treasured possession, called from darkness to illuminate the path to Jesus for others. Like Israel, we have transitioned from being no people to being God’s people, entrusted with upholding His standards on Earth.

The enduring nature of God’s promise, akin to His covenant with Abraham, is a beautiful testament to His faithfulness. Let the example of Israel remind us of God’s dependability. He will fulfill His promises. Ultimately, the cross of Calvary and Jesus’ sacrifice there are why God chose Israel and why He has chosen you as His precious possession.


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