Home Blogs Tiniest Kitten Of The Litter Overcomes Every Challenge Thanks To Her Foster Mom

Tiniest Kitten Of The Litter Overcomes Every Challenge Thanks To Her Foster Mom

Tiniest Kitten Of The Litter Overcomes Every Challenge Thanks To Her Foster Mom

I’ve had the joy of fostering newborn kittens and watching these delightful little creatures explore their new world is a truly magical experience.

This sentiment resonates deeply with Jamie, affectionately known as the Kitten Foster Mom. She collaborates closely with Baby Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles, CA, and is celebrated for her dedication.

Her journey with a particularly challenging litter began when she was contacted by another foster mom who was struggling to care for three kittens. Among them, a kitten named Lucy required special attention.

Recognizing Jamie’s expertise, the woman entrusted the fragile litter to her care. Jamie embraced the challenge without hesitation.

Lucy was battling pneumonia, but more concerning was her size. At five weeks old, Lucy was the size of a newborn, weighing only 128 grams—a stark contrast to her siblings. Jamie posted, “This tiny little baby… weighs only 128 grams. For scale, some newborns to one week olds weigh this much. She is very underdeveloped.”

Despite these challenges, Lucy showed a robust appetite and a strong will to live, filling Jamie with hope.

To ensure there were no underlying conditions contributing to Lucy’s delayed growth, Jamie consulted a neurologist. Meanwhile, she nurtured Lucy with dedicated care.

In just 48 hours, Lucy transformed from a lethargic kitten to a vivacious bundle of energy. She began using the litter box independently and kneaded her tiny paws into biscuits—a sign of contentment and health. Jamie updated her followers, “Lucy still sleeps a lot, but she’s more energized during awake periods… Today was a huge milestone.”

While Lucy continued to fight pneumonia, Jamie was a constant source of comfort, diligently managing her medication.

At last, the neurologist appointment brought encouraging news. Dr. O’Neil reassured that Lucy appeared normal but small and suggested waiting for her to grow before testing for hypothyroidism.

Although Lucy’s pneumonia resolved, her breathing remained shallow, prompting an urgent vet visit. There, Lucy was diagnosed with Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome, or pectus excavatum, a deformity where the rib cage is improperly formed.

Treatment involved a tiny splint to correct her rib cage shape. Even with this adjustment, Lucy’s spirits were high, and she continued to purr and knead affectionately.

After a month in foster care, Lucy reached a significant milestone, weighing one pound. Her splint successfully reshaped her chest, allowing her to breathe normally and play energetically without getting winded.

Her brothers, Brian and Patrick, had already been adopted, but fate had a joyful twist for Lucy. When the adopters learned of their pets’ tiny sister, they decided to welcome her too, once she was fully recovered.

For now, Lucy remains with Jamie, receiving all the love and attention she needs until she can join her brothers in their forever home.

Jamie’s final update was heartwarming: “The adopters are eager to bring Lucy home once she’s ready. Until then, I’ll ensure she gets all the affection she needs as a singleton.”

This inspiring story of resilience and care has touched my heart deeply. I eagerly await the day Lucy reunites with her family, ready to enjoy a life filled with love and play.


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