Home Blogs Timid Kitten Seeks Refuge Among Cozy Cats, Owner Steps In to Help

Timid Kitten Seeks Refuge Among Cozy Cats, Owner Steps In to Help

Timid Kitten Seeks Refuge Among Cozy Cats, Owner Steps In to Help

A timid kitten found itself drawn to the warmth of a cozy home but hesitated to seek refuge from the cold. Fortunately, the homeowner knew just how to lend a helping hand.

Celina Crom

On a frigid night preceding a snowfall, Celina Crom ventured into the kitchen for a snack when she noticed her cats gathered by the balcony window.

Pressing their noses against the glass, their attention was captured by something outside. Celina glanced over and spotted a gray kitten on the other side of the window, interacting with her cats.

“I offered some pate, but he ran away when he saw me. I left the food out, and he returned and finished it all,” shared Celina.

A stray kitten was lured by the warmth of a homeCelina CromAfter a hearty supper, the young cat lingered on the balcony, observing the feline residents through the window.

“While the cats in the house were warm and safe, the gray kitten curled up in the cold alone. If I tried to open the door, he would run away. After staying for another 15 minutes, he left in the cold.”

He returned and hoped to escape the coldCelina CromNo one came to claim the cat as temperatures continued to drop. Celina borrowed a humane trap from her animal rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montreal, and left some food on the balcony, wondering if she would see him again.

“In the morning, when I got up, I went to the window and was surprised to see the kitten. He was sniffing the food from the night before but fled as soon as he saw me.”

Celina CromCelina sprang into action, setting the humane trap on the balcony and was determined to bring the cat to safety. “That evening was so cold. I didn’t have to wait long. Within two hours, I heard the trap door shut. The kitten was inside.”

He was about eight months old and so terrified that he resisted treats at first. Once the creamy snack was on his nose, he waited until his rescuer left the room to eat it.

He wouldn’t eat the treat until his rescuer left the roomCelina CromAfter braving the cold for some time, he experienced his first night in a warm home. “The best was yet to come even though at the time he didn’t know.”

The kitten, named Loustik, was too scared to budge during his first vet visit and just stayed in his carrier. After getting vetted and neutered, he went to his foster home to begin the process of socialization.

He tried to hide in a sinkCelina CromHe immediately sought refuge in a sink and ducked his head at the sight of people.

“He had such a sad look on his face. He needed a quiet space, lots of treats, and reassurance to help him learn to trust.”

Slowly but surely, he started to come out of his shellCelina CromHis foster mom sat in the room and gave him all the time he needed to feel comfortable around her. She patiently waited for him to approach her at his own pace.

“Even when he was scared, he was gentle and didn’t have a mean bone in his body.”

Celina CromSlowly but surely, Loustik relaxed and started to let his guard down. He curiously walked up to his foster mom, sniffed her hand, and inspected her scent.

When she offered a treat on her finger, he went in and gingerly licked it off.

Celina CromThen, out of sheer delight, he plopped down on the floor, revealing his fluffy belly, a symbol of his trust. “Patience is starting to pay off. He’s quietly learning to trust humans.”

Loustik still gets startled by loud noises and sudden movements, but he’s becoming increasingly trusting each day.

Celina CromHe will never have to worry about food and shelter as he spends his first winter in comfort and warmth. With a loving home, his beautiful personality is starting to shine.

Celina Crom


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