Home Blogs The Charming Love Tale of ‘Bubbles and Bangs’ Rescued by Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc.

The Charming Love Tale of ‘Bubbles and Bangs’ Rescued by Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc.

The Charming Love Tale of ‘Bubbles and Bangs’ Rescued by Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc.

Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc., located in Crystal Lake, Illinois, delights in recounting the enchanting story of Bubbles and Bangs, two feline sweethearts who have captured hearts far and wide. More than a year since their rescue, the joy these two bring continues unabated, with regular updates and adorable snapshots shared “just because.”

It’s often observed by the rescuers that the more mature cats are brimming with charm and character. Just take a look below to see exactly what we mean. It’s simply heartwarming.


Their romance began in June 2021, when the rescue proudly announced that Bubbles had chosen her beau, Bangs. Bubbles, along with her sisters and Bangs, were liberated from a dire hoarding situation in August 2020, where over 28 cats were rescued from one squalid residence. In a similar effort, Cat Man Chris aided in the rescue of another 40 cats from a different hoarder.

“When this photo was captured… we were just starting our mission to rescue cats from hoarding. This image marks the beginning of a long, passionate commitment by Deb, affectionately known as ‘shelter mommy,’ that would transform her life profoundly!”

From such despair, a beautiful narrative emerged. An earlier hoarding case involving over 40 cats not only led to the establishment of the rescue but also featured on Cole and Marmalade, inspiring many.

This rescue, however, harbored a unique twist.

“Bubbles has a boyfriend, Bangs❤️.”

All rescued felines received necessary medical care and were spayed or neutered to prevent further overpopulation. But when they rescued Bubbles, they were unaware that they were also rescuing a ‘bat cat.’

“Purrfect Cat Rescue now rescuing bats! LOL. BTW… her name is Bubbles.”

Bubbles, nicknamed the Bat Cat, seemed to enjoy a stable relationship with Bangs, but scandal struck just a month later—Bangs was spotted cozying up to Bubbles’ sister, Blossom.

“Ummm, wasn’t it just yesterday Bangs was snuggling with Bubbles? Tonight, it’s her sister Blossom! 😻 Poor Bubbles, lol.”

Bubbles, who also has another sister named Faith—who is utterly adorable and fond of real catnip bubbles—soon had her moment of retribution but quickly forgave Bangs. Before long, they were back to snuggling and displaying affection atop their cat tree.

“The ongoing saga of Bangs and his girls… Bubbles getting a bit of revenge after finding him cuddling with her sister 😮😉😻”

“When you’re in love, there’s always room for two ❤️❤️. Bangs & Bubbles❤️❤️”

“…Love, lovebirds Bangs & Bubbles ❤️”

Recently, the rescuers have continued to share updates on the captivating love story of Bubbles and Bangs, a tale that seems destined to be remembered as a classic feline romance.

“Because we can’t get enough of these two, Bangs & Bubbles 💘”


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