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Tampa Woman’s Life-Saving Rescue of a Poisoned Stray Cat

Tampa Woman’s Life-Saving Rescue of a Poisoned Stray Cat

When Dominique, a resident of Tampa, Florida, noticed Smoosh, a cat she recognized from a previous Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program, struggling to walk on her way to work, she immediately sensed trouble. Two years earlier, Smoosh had been healthy and vibrant, making his current distress baffling to Dominique. Rejecting the notion of a vehicle accident, she suspected a different peril at play.

Driven by determination to uncover the root cause and aid Smoosh, Dominique resolved to intervene and ensure his well-being.

As Dominique approached, Smoosh attempted to flee, awkwardly dragging his hind legs behind him, clearly in pain. Without hesitation, Dominique retrieved a large fishing net from her car, used typically for rescuing strays, but Smoosh had disappeared by the time she returned.

The challenge of capturing Smoosh was amplified by his long history as a stray and the evident discomfort he was experiencing, which made him exceptionally elusive.

Despite professional obligations, Dominique managed to leave work early, committed to assisting Smoosh in his time of need.

She later found Smoosh asleep in the same spot she had initially seen him. Carefully, she approached and secured him with her net, though not without receiving a defensive scratch from the frightened cat.

Dominique’s timely intervention became crucial as Smoosh’s condition had deteriorated throughout the day. Now safely with Dominique, he was poised to receive the necessary medical attention.

As a volunteer at Rags to Riches Animal Rescue Inc. in Tampa, Dominique contacted her trusted veterinarian, Dr. Ginex, who promptly examined Smoosh. The diagnosis was grim: rat poison had severely affected his system, leading to paralysis.

Over the following weeks, Smoosh experienced a remarkable recovery, showing improvement with only minor residual tremors. Dominique created a serene recovery space for him in her bathroom, optimizing his comfort.

During his recuperation, Dominique and her team noticed a significant reduction in Smoosh’s tremors, which were mostly triggered by fear or excitement, signaling his ongoing improvement.

Dominique provided exceptional care, adapting her daily routine to support Smoosh’s recovery: preparing his meals, engaging him with gentle conversation, and introducing toys to stimulate him.

As Smoosh’s condition stabilized, Dominique felt it was time to integrate him with the other rescued animals. His initial ventures out of the bathroom were cautious, but gradually, Smoosh became more comfortable and sociable.

Smoosh transformed from a timid and defensive stray into a sociable, playful, and affectionate indoor cat, endearing himself to everyone.

After more than six months under Dominique’s care, Smoosh was ready to move to a forever home. A cat-loving family contacted Rags to Riches Animal Rescue, and after a thorough evaluation, they were deemed a perfect match for him.

Parting with Smoosh was emotionally challenging for Dominique, but she took solace in knowing that his adoption meant she could help more animals in need. Reflecting on her journey with Smoosh, Dominique shared how deeply he had impacted her life.

This touching story highlights the transformative power of compassion and the profound impact of rescue efforts on animal lives. For more inspiring rescue stories, follow Rags to Riches Animal Rescue on their social media platforms.


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