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Shy Feline Siblings Find Lifelong Companion Who Returns to Adopt Them from Shelter

Shy Feline Siblings Find Lifelong Companion Who Returns to Adopt Them from Shelter

Two reserved cats have relied on each other throughout their lives and encountered an individual who revisited the shelter specifically to adopt them.

Rescued Kitten Discovers Ideal Mate for Comfort

Exploits Valley SPCA

Last summer, after rescuing a trio of bobtail kittens near a building, the Exploits Valley SPCA went back to rescue the rest of the litter. “We were aware there were more to be found,” expressed the SPCA.

Two months later, the other kittens were safely rescued. Among them, two shy brothers, Willy (orange) and Gilligan, nicknamed Gilly (tabby), were inseparable, comforting each other continuously.

“Despite their fear of humans, they were relieved to escape the harsh weather, finding solace in warm blankets and full stomachs.”

Exploits Valley SPCA

In the following days, Willy, the more courageous sibling, began to seek affection from the staff and volunteers. Meanwhile, Gilly stayed hidden behind Willy, avoiding human interaction for another week.

Willy comforted Gilly with cuddles and purrs, reassuring him of their safety. “He looks after his timid brother Gilligan, who would struggle without him.”

Exploits Valley SPCA

From the start, the brothers depended on each other for safety. While Gilly observed Willy interact with visitors, he gradually began to emerge from his shell.

Encouraged by his brother, Gilly started accepting gentle chin scratches, becoming visibly more at ease around people.

Exploits Valley SPCA

“Willy is naturally more sociable, whereas Gilly, albeit shy, secretly enjoys the attention and belly rubs.”

For several weeks, no one applied to adopt the brothers, as shy cats often go unnoticed. Nevertheless, the shelter persisted in sharing their story and promoting their deep bond, hopeful that the ideal family would appear.

Exploits Valley SPCA

During this period, Ada came across a social media post about the bonded siblings and felt an immediate connection.

After losing her cherished cat, Raven, on Christmas Eve, she felt a void at home. “Something was missing. I was compelled to find the right cat,” Ada said.

Exploits Valley SPCA

While visiting the shelter to find the perfect cat companion, Ada had a meet-and-greet with Willy and Gilly. She was touched by their reliance on each other.

“The orange one is quite friendly, but the tabby seems to seek reassurance from his brother. Their survival story is a mystery.”

Exploits Valley SPCA

Ada initially thought to adopt just one cat, but she couldn’t stop thinking about the duo. After returning to the shelter for another visit, she realized they were the perfect match for her.

“It was clear that splitting them up would be a mistake due to their strong connection.”

Exploits Valley SPCA

Gilly (now named Kish) and Willy (now named Copper) cherish their new home and remain inseparable. They reflect each other’s actions and feelings as if connected.

“They are gradually adapting, enjoying the affection, engaging with their toys, and receiving plenty of treats.”

Exploits Valley SPCA

“It was evident from the beginning that these brothers relied on each other. Witnessing them settled in their new home confirms that,” stated the SPCA.

“Ada visited the shelter multiple times and reviewed their profile extensively before deciding on these two. Now at home, she’s certain she made the correct choice.”

Life is wonderful in their forever home

Exploits Valley SPCA


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