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Shelter Dog on Death Row Trembles with Fear and Is Too Afraid to Walk – A Tale of Hope

Shelter Dog on Death Row Trembles with Fear and Is Too Afraid to Walk – A Tale of Hope

“She’s seen so much evil in just her 1 year of life.”

All dogs and cats are deserving of a loving family and a chance at life. Tragically, due to overcrowding in shelters, both young and old pets are frequently euthanized because there simply isn’t enough space.

Millions of dogs and cats linger in shelters, hoping to be chosen by someone who will give them a new home. Some of these animals are under the ominous shadow of what’s colloquially known as ‘death row’ in shelters. Each pet on death row has a set deadline by which they must be adopted, or they will face euthanasia.

Introducing Mocha, a one-year-old Pit Bull mix abandoned at Rowan County Animal Shelter in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Mocha was surrendered along with another dog by her indifferent owner, through no fault of her own. The shelter set a deadline of November 1st for Mocha’s adoption, after which she would be euthanized if not adopted.

Mocha was visibly terrified, trembling with fear in her crate, making potential adopters pass her by. She was flea-ridden and paralyzed by her fear. Albina Albiie Chanel, a dedicated volunteer at the shelter, endeavored to show Mocha that not all humans are cruel.

Albina was deeply moved by Mocha’s plight and determined to give her a chance at finding a loving home.

“Every day we encounter the cruelty and malice inflicted by humans. This sweet girl broke my heart. Owner surrendered, no less. She’s a mere skeleton, covered in fleas, constantly shaking, and unwilling even to stand and walk. Such a broken soul. Some days, my disdain for humanity grows boundless. Hang in there, Mocha baby. She’s witnessed so much evil in just her one year of life,” Albina expressed in despair.

Driven by her compassion, Albina crafted a poignant letter from Mocha’s perspective and shared it on Facebook:

“Dear humans, As I sit here on death row, totally defeated, I hope my puppies will at least have a better life than I have. Here I am, terrified, just waiting to be euthanized. I’m only a year old and haven’t had a good life at all. I shake so much in my kennel that people just walk past me. I can’t help it, though; humans haven’t been kind to me. I’m very skinny, but I love to eat. I tried to be brave for my pictures today but couldn’t even really get up. I tried, though, and I think the girls with me knew I was trying. I got brave enough to even take a treat later.

I was surrendered to the shelter by my owner with my friend. Please consider adopting me and giving me a chance at a good life. But please know I may take a while to warm up because I’m just so scared. You can find me in kennel.

Love, Mocha.”

The letter struck a chord and went viral, with thousands of people sharing and commenting. Fortunately, a compassionate individual learned about Mocha’s story and visited the shelter to adopt her. Albina joyfully updated her post to inform everyone that both Mocha and her sister, who was surrendered with her, were now safe.

Albina penned a heartfelt farewell to Mocha:

“Dear Mocha, I sat with you and wrote a letter for the whole world to see. And they did. Happy 2nd chance, sweet girl. May you finally be loved and taken care of forever.

Best wishes, my darling.

I love you and will remember you always.”

Thank you to the kind soul who rescued Mocha. She represents just one of many animals on death row in need of a loving home.

Please consider adopting or fostering as it is the only way to help end the plight of death row in shelters. Additionally, remember to spay and neuter your pets. Adopt, don’t shop!


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