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Senior Dog Ends Up in Shelter Despite ‘No Fault of His Own’

Senior Dog Ends Up in Shelter Despite ‘No Fault of His Own’

Every dog dreams of a cozy home and a loving family, yet not every canine is fortunate enough to enjoy such comforts. Many are relegated to shelters, where the sense of fulfillment they crave is hard to come by. It’s especially tough for those dogs who have known the warmth of a family home to adapt to the cold, restricted quarters of a kennel, devoid of frequent human interaction. Increasingly, shelter workers are facing the disheartening reality of pets being left behind for no valid reason—a situation that proves especially difficult to come to terms with.

Such was the fate at the West Milford Animal Shelter Society (WMASS) in West Milford, New Jersey, where a dog named Diesel found himself surrendered in March 2024. Moved by Diesel’s story, Richard Adamonis, a volunteer at WMASS, felt an urgent need to publicize his situation and spoke with Newsweek.

“Three weeks ago, Diesel arrived at the shelter visibly scared and confused, much like most animals do,” he told Newsweek. The confusion was profound for Diesel, an 11-year-old Pit Bull, who had been cherished in a loving home for nearly nine years prior to his unexpected surrender, deeply affecting Richard and his fellow staff members.

“We’re heartbroken for the animals, like Diesel, who are innocent in these situations,” Richard remarked. Despite these challenges, stories like Diesel’s drive volunteers like Richard to strive harder in securing these animals a better future. Such drastic changes in their environment can be deeply traumatic, so Richard and his team have taken extra care with Diesel.

Fortunately, Diesel’s gentle and obedient nature allowed him to adjust relatively well to the shelter setting, quickly endearing him to the staff. About a month after his arrival, WMASS shared Diesel’s traits in a hopeful Facebook post:

“Diesel gets along well with other dogs, is house-trained, and although he can be a bit shy when first meeting someone, he enjoys being petted and massaged. He still loves life and playtime!”

The post aimed to attract someone who values senior dogs, offering Diesel the opportunity for a new beginning in a caring home. Despite his unwarranted abandonment, Diesel’s resilience and sweet demeanor make a compelling case for his adoption.

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