Home Blogs Samson: The Majestic Giant of New York, Reigning with a 28lb Weight and 4ft Length

Samson: The Majestic Giant of New York, Reigning with a 28lb Weight and 4ft Length

Samson: The Majestic Giant of New York, Reigning with a 28lb Weight and 4ft Length

Meet Samson, the colossal cat from New York, weighing an impressive 28 pounds and stretching an astonishing four feet in length. This larger-than-life feline not only commands attention but also enjoys a special carriage for his travels and indulges in games of fetch, defying typical cat behavior. Samson, a Maine Coon breed at just four years old, has garnered celebrity status, boasting an Instagram following of over 104,000 avid fans.

According to Jonathan Zurbel, his cat Samson has become an internet sensation, captivating an impressive 104,000 followers with his online escapades.

Jonathan Zurbel, a 42-year-old DJ from New York, reveals that his feline companion Samson consumes six cans of cat food daily and requires $120 in grooming expenses each month.

Zurbel describes Samson as a remarkable creature whose size has not only made him a social media star but has also enhanced Zurbel’s social life. Inherited from his brother, Samson’s increasing weight has earned him the distinction of being the largest cat in the registry, according to Zurbel’s vet. Despite his colossal size, Samson is gentle, sweet, and adored by both dogs and humans alike. His popularity has even translated into romantic opportunities for Zurbel, with many admirers drawn to Samson’s charm.

Accompanied by his loyal owner, Samson enjoys leisurely strolls in his exclusive pet stroller, captivating the attention and admiration of onlookers wherever they go.

Zurbel advocates for cat adoption, emphasizing the joy and companionship they bring. Samson’s presence never fails to astonish people, often mistaken for a child even when out for a stroll in his stroller. Managing a cat of Samson’s size comes with its challenges, from specialized equipment to unique care needs. However, Zurbel and Samson’s bond is unbreakable, with plans for future collaborations, including a music mixtape.

As the reigning heavyweight champion of New York’s cat community, Samson stands as a symbol of love, companionship, and the importance of pet adoption. For Zurbel, Samson is more than just a pet—he’s a cherished member of the family, irreplaceable and priceless.


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