Home Blogs Resilient Young Cat Embraces Indoor Life After Harsh Street Survival

Resilient Young Cat Embraces Indoor Life After Harsh Street Survival

Resilient Young Cat Embraces Indoor Life After Harsh Street Survival

Introducing Tamarind, a 9-month-old timid but special cat who has transitioned from a harsh life on the streets to the comforts of an indoor home. When he was first rescued by the Southern Arizona Cat Rescue in Tucson, he was so malnourished and frail that the rescuers initially mistook him for a much younger kitten, weighing only 2 pounds. However, a closer examination revealing his full set of adult teeth debunked that initial assessment.

Now declared healthy by his veterinarian, Tamarind remains a delicate cat with a sensitive stomach and a timid appetite. Gradually, he’s learning to enjoy gentle strokes, especially on his cheeks, though he still prefers not to be picked up. He has discovered the joy of toys and the comfort of cat trees, enjoying these either alone or with his feline companions.

For Tamarind to truly thrive, it’s crucial he joins a household with another sociable and playful cat or kitten that can introduce him to the delights of indoor living. His foster mother has brought in two 9-week-old kittens to aid in his socialization, and Tamarind has shown remarkable progress with these lively companions.

Tamarind enjoys playing and following his furry friends and appreciates having a tranquil retreat in the bathroom. He is best suited to a quiet home with a family that understands his need for space and patience, as he is not yet comfortable seeking affection or sitting in laps and may never be. A home without small children is ideal to provide him with a stress-free environment.

Tamarind is neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, dewormed, microchipped, and tested negative for FIV/FeLV. He is also house-trained and has no special needs. If you can offer this shy, sweet boy a loving and patient home, please complete the adoption application on the Southern Arizona Cat Rescue website today. For further inquiries, contact them at or call (520) 200-1643.


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