Home Blogs Pompon – 3-Year-Old Female Bichon Frise Cross

Pompon – 3-Year-Old Female Bichon Frise Cross

Pompon – 3-Year-Old Female Bichon Frise Cross

Meet Pompon, a captivating 3-year-old female Bichon Frise cross whose adorable charm and gentle demeanor instantly win hearts.

Weighing just under 4kg, Pompon exemplifies the affectionate and sociable characteristics that Bichon Frises are cherished for. These dogs are known for their deep love of human companionship and thrive as engaging, playful members of any family.

True to her breed, Pompon is the quintessential lap dog. Her sweet nature and love for cuddles make her a source of joy and comfort to those around her. This affectionate girl is particularly good with children, making her an excellent candidate for a family pet. She excels in both lively play and serene moments, her gentle temperament making her a beloved companion.

Pompon is also friendly with other dogs and would be happy in a home with or without other canine friends.

She has been spayed, fully vaccinated, and microchipped, ensuring she is healthy and ready for adoption.

Currently residing in foster care in Stoke On Trent, Pompon is eagerly waiting to find her forever home where she can continue to spread her love and happiness.


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