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Pink-Fingered Gorilla: A Captivating Close-Up of Anaka Reveals Vitiligo

Pink-Fingered Gorilla: A Captivating Close-Up of Anaka Reveals Vitiligo

In this captivating close-up image, we are presented with the hand of Anaka, a gorilla renowned for the striking pink hue on her fingers, a result of vitiligo. The resemblance to a human hand is uncanny and mesmerizing.

Gorillas, often likened to humans for their multitude of shared traits, showcase yet another similarity through this photograph captured at Zoo Atlanta. Anaka, a Western Lowland Gorilla, displays pink pigmentation on her fingers amidst her otherwise dark skin. The image, showcasing the intricate details of her hand, may initially deceive viewers into mistaking it for a human hand affected by vitiligo. However, it is indeed the hand of this magnificent gorilla.

The intricacies of Anaka’s hand are beautifully highlighted in the image, revealing the creases in her fingers and the presence of short nails. Zoo Atlanta notes, “You can always pick her out of Taz’s family group because of the unique pink pigmentation on her fingers.”

Beyond her physical traits, Anaka possesses a relatable personality akin to humans. Described by Zoo Atlanta as often vocalizing her demands for food and juice and enjoying piggyback rides on her siblings, she embodies a familiar charm.

Anaka, the gorilla with vitiligo residing at Zoo Atlanta, continues to captivate onlookers with her distinct pink pigmentation on her fingers.

Recently, Zoo Atlanta celebrated Anaka’s 6th birthday with a joyous gathering, marked by well wishes and shared moments. Amidst the festivities, keen observers noted a unique detail in the images shared on Facebook: the distinct pink patch on Anaka’s hand, bearing an astonishing resemblance to human skin. Gorillas’ possession of opposable thumbs and individualized fingerprints and toeprints add to the intrigue surrounding this captivating feature.

While some speculated about vitiligo, Zoo Atlanta’s response to inquiries suggests an alternative explanation. Describing Anaka’s pigmentation as a “cool birthmark” unchanged over the years, the mystery deepens. Bored Panda’s quest for further insight from Zoo Atlanta mirrors the curiosity surrounding Anaka’s distinctive feature.

Image credits: Zoo Atlanta


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