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Newborn Albino Puppy’s Slim Survival Odds Overcome by Dedicated Rescuers

Newborn Albino Puppy’s Slim Survival Odds Overcome by Dedicated Rescuers

Many dogs begin life at a severe disadvantage due to reckless breeding practices. Often, these unfortunate souls are abandoned and struggle to survive.

This narrative unfolds in California, where a backyard breeder callously discarded a litter of puppies. A distressing call about a puppy, merely 3 days old, urgently halted a local woman’s activities. The puppies were on the brink of death and needed immediate assistance.

From the Outset, a Battle for Life

Clanay Reza, a compassionate animal lover and independent rescuer from California, was approached by the breeder’s neighbor seeking help for the abandoned litter.

Under their deceased mother, who had succumbed to severe bleeding, the puppies were left to fend for themselves. Among them, Lucky was notably the frailest, barely the size of a baby hamster.

Despite the grim prognosis, Reza was resolute in her commitment to Lucky. She nourished him around the clock with formula every twenty minutes, sacrificing sleep to ensure his survival.

“Every day was uncertain for him. In Lucky’s first eight weeks, sleep was rare for me. I spent nights ensuring he was alive and breathing,” Clanay shared on Instagram.

Regrettably, Lucky’s siblings did not survive, leaving him as the sole fighter.

Countless Sleepless Nights

After enduring weeks of relentless struggle, Lucky’s immediate survival was secured, though his health battles continued. As his eyes began to open, he faced a yeast infection and a severe corneal ulcer, necessitating the removal of one eye.

“We discovered he was blind in one eye, which had sustained a puncture and developed a corneal ulcer. As he aged, the conditions worsened, causing pain, leading to the removal of his eye at four months,” Clanay explained.

At ten weeks old, Lucky was diagnosed with albinism,

a condition resulting from recessive genes linked to inbreeding.

His first year was fraught with challenges, including the loss of his family and numerous health issues, but his indomitable spirit never waned.

“He experienced a tumultuous first year, but I am grateful for every hurdle we encountered with him. Each challenge only deepened my love for him,” Clanay reflected.

Lucky – The Most Eccentric Family Member

Meet Lucky now!

After overcoming tremendous adversity, he presents as more vibrant than ever. Lucky has become the most distinctive, fluffy, and affectionate family member, and he fully embraces his unique role.

Now at eight years old, Lucky is thriving and creating joyful memories with his loving family, seemingly erasing his difficult past.

His remarkable resilience has shaped him into a strong, self-assured dog. Lucky is the ideal companion, adoring everyone, particularly children, reflecting his youthful demeanor.

Having recently welcomed a new baby sister, Lucky is overjoyed. His life centers around her, frequently joining her for naps and offering constant companionship.

Once a forsaken puppy with bleak prospects, Lucky now enjoys a charmed life as the most fortunate dog in the world!


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