Home Blogs Montana Man Survives Harrowing Forklift Accident, Shares Chilling Image

Montana Man Survives Harrowing Forklift Accident, Shares Chilling Image

Montana Man Survives Harrowing Forklift Accident, Shares Chilling Image

Loren Schauers, a Montana resident, experienced a horrific accident while operating a forklift that fell off the edge of a bridge.

The 19-year-old plummeted over 50 feet, sustaining severe injuries to his lower body and an arm, which were catastrophically crushed under the weight of the forklift.

Schauers has bravely shared a photo capturing the terrifying moment the forklift descended upon him, providing a stark visual update on his condition.

Miraculously surviving the ordeal, Schauers underwent a life-saving hemicorporectomy, a rare and risky surgical procedure that involves the amputation of the lower half of the body. This procedure is exceptionally rare, with only 71 documented cases, and carries significant risks, as noted by the National Library of Medicine.

In the aftermath, Loren and his wife Sabia launched a YouTube channel, turning their life-altering experience into a platform for sharing and community building.

With over 600,000 followers, Schauers engages openly about his life post-accident, addressing personal and poignant questions. One query he responded to was about the changes in his friendships since the accident. He expressed some disappointment, noting that while some friends became distant, others provided unexpected support.

“Having Sabia is all I need, so it really doesn’t matter to me,” Loren stated, highlighting the crucial support his wife has provided throughout his recovery. Sabia added, “Going through this together has definitely strengthened many aspects of our relationship.”

The couple also addresses more intimate aspects of Loren’s new life, such as his adaptation to bodily functions post-surgery. Loren explained, “A colostomy has been performed for my waste elimination, and bilateral nephrostomies help manage other bodily functions.”

Sabia noted the curiosity about Loren’s condition, particularly about his anatomy post-hemicorporectomy, a procedure which involves the removal of lower limbs, external genitalia, rectum, bladder, and parts of the pelvic bone, usually performed in stages.

Recently, Loren shared a haunting image of the incident on his Instagram, providing a vivid reminder of the accident’s severity and his miraculous survival.

This story, as covered by the Daily Star, illustrates not only the medical and physical challenges Loren faces but also the profound resilience and adaptability he and his wife exhibit.


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