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Kitten with ‘Pirate’ Smile Finds Joy and Confidence in a Loving Home

Kitten with ‘Pirate’ Smile Finds Joy and Confidence in a Loving Home

A kitten with a distinctive ‘pirate’ smile emerged from his shell and began to flourish once he no longer needed to hide.

Uno, a small kitten, was rescued by Jen, a foster volunteer for City Dogs and City Kitties Rescue in Washington DC. He was brought to her attention after being found in a local shelter with a severely damaged eye. “City Kitties acted swiftly to take him in. I picked him up and took him straight to an emergency vet, where they had to remove his ruptured cornea,” Jen recounted to Love Meow.

Though he was left with just one eye, Uno’s future looked much brighter. He slowly adjusted to living indoors, a stark contrast to his previous life.

At just six weeks old and weighing only 1.5 pounds, Uno was understandably timid and required considerable comfort while recovering from his operation. Jen’s husband, Ian, provided gentle pets and words of encouragement, helping Uno feel secure.

“Adapting to life as a ‘pirate’ was a gradual process for Uno, but he eventually warmed up to humans. I would carry him in my sweatshirt to help him get comfortable with being close to people,” Jen explained to Love Meow. “It’s humorous now to think about how he used to hide in the oddest places. He’s quite the ruler of our home these days.”

Uno soon began to relish the comforts of indoor life, enjoying regular meals, a cozy bed, and the affection of his foster parents.

When it was time for him to meet the other resident cats, he was initially hesitant. Jen assisted him in getting used to the larger open spaces in their home by carrying him around.

After exploring the house, Uno became brave enough to peek at the other cats and observe their antics from the security of his pouch.

Hagrid, one of the resident cats, took it upon himself to mentor Uno, teaching him about bravery and imparting crucial feline wisdom.


A few weeks later, Uno underwent a second surgery to address complications at the original incision site. “The procedure gave him a cute little sneer as it tightened the skin lifting his upper lip, adding to his mischievous charm. Though it may lessen over time as the skin stretches, for now, it adds to his cuteness,” Jen noted.

During his recovery, Uno joined a cuddle puddle with Hagrid and Pokey, another cat in the household. “He walked right up, settled in between them, and they all took a long nap together after exchanging some affectionate licks,” Jen described.

Uno has thrived in his foster home, showing no signs of discomfort from his eye. He also manages his asthma well with an inhaler and takes his medication like a champ, spreading happiness wherever he goes.

“He darts around the house, playfully pouncing like a cannonball. Uno recently befriended a new pair of foster kittens, proving to be energetic, playful, and utterly lovable,” Jen added.

After nearly five months with Jen, Uno has deeply touched his foster family.

“He has such a wonderfully sweet, quirky personality. I melt every time I see his adorable little pirate sneer,” Jen expressed.

Uno, although a tough little ‘pirate,’ is fundamentally a sweet soul who loves being at the center of everything. “Uno may look like a rugged pirate, but at heart, he’s just a lovable little kitten. The person who adopts him is incredibly fortunate,” Jen concluded.


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