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Kitten Rescued After Being Abandoned in a House, Now Thrives with Loving Foster Couple

Kitten Rescued After Being Abandoned in a House, Now Thrives with Loving Foster Couple

A young kitten abandoned in a house has found a nurturing home with a caring couple.

Michael the Kitten with Grace @withgracerescue

In early 2023, Danielle Chavez, founder of the Las Vegas-based With Grace rescue group, was alerted to a litter of kittens born in an Arizona home undergoing renovations.

Danielle, explaining the situation to Love Meow, said, “We often collaborate with a spay and neuter clinic for our foster animals. A clinic staff member informed us about some neonatal kittens that needed rescuing.”

The kittens were originally brought into the world by a feral cat that had entered the house through an opening in the walls, only to abandon her offspring shortly after.

He was born to a feral cat in an Arizona house With Grace @withgracerescue

“The homeowner transported the kittens from Arizona to Las Vegas, where we took them into our care,” Danielle recounted. “We immediately placed them in a warm incubator at our home.”

The kittens were extremely small, each weighing just 60 grams. Despite their efforts, two of the kittens were too weak to survive. However, Michael, the sole survivor, showed remarkable resilience. He eagerly took to feeding from a bottle, determined to grow stronger.

He is strong-willed as the sole survivor in his litter With Grace @withgracerescue

“A few days into fostering, it was clear Michael had a fighting spirit. He took to the bottle immediately and never let go,” said Danielle to Love Meow. “I knew right then he was going to make it.”

As Michael began to thrive, Feral Cat Warriors, an Arizona-based rescue, stepped in to manage the TNR (trap-neuter-return) of the cat colony from which Michael came, ensuring his biological mother would be cared for as well.

Michael opened his eyes for the first time With Grace @withgracerescue

Together, Danielle and her husband formed a team to tend to Michael’s needs around the clock.

“I would feed him late at night, while Foster Dad would take the early morning shift before work. This schedule ensured Michael was well-fed and we both managed to rest,” Danielle shared.

He snuggled with his faux mama when he napped With Grace @withgracerescue

After Michael was moved to his own playpen, his playful and adventurous traits shined through.

Michael insists on staying close to his foster parents and openly expresses his needs. “He’s always seeking our attention. Michael is truly my little Velcro buddy,” Danielle remarked fondly.

Michael adores people and wants to be with them at all times With Grace @withgracerescue

Michael was introduced to the household’s living room to socialize with other cats. “He’s learning how to be a cat—he’s mastering the crab-walk and the ambush attack,” Danielle explained.

Michael demands attention from Foster Dad With Grace @withgracerescue

Michael has grown into an energetic and affectionate kitten, enjoying cuddles and learning from the household cats.

“He’s gaining confidence each day and will soon be zooming around, outpacing the other cats,” said Danielle with a smile.

He enjoys snuggle time with his humans With Grace @withgracerescue

Now nearly seven weeks old, Michael is almost ready for adoption. He’s developed a charming personality, making him an ideal companion.

Whenever he needs a break, he runs to his foster parents, kneading and purring contentedly on their laps.


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