Home Blogs Kitten Finds Guardianship Among Fellow Felines After Rescued from Rainy Roadside

Kitten Finds Guardianship Among Fellow Felines After Rescued from Rainy Roadside

Kitten Finds Guardianship Among Fellow Felines After Rescued from Rainy Roadside

A kitten discovered meowing persistently from the roadside edge now finds herself under the watchful care of other cats.

Late last month, a Good Samaritan named Ariane, attuned to the persistent meow piercing the damp air, halted to locate its source.

The air heavy with the onset of night and the chill of rain, Ariane scanned the surroundings, eventually spotting a tiny tuxedo kitten alone at the roadside’s edge.

Despite searching, Ariane found no sign of a mother or littermates for the lonely kitten. Cold and hungry, she scooped the kitten into her arms and brought her home.

She found her outside on a rainy, cold day.

Ariaene cleaned her up, provided nourishment, and settled her into a warm, comfortable nest. Concerned for the kitten’s well-being, Ariane reached out to her local rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montreal, ensuring proper care.

Without delay, Celine and her rescue team arranged transportation and a visit to the vet.

“She was estimated to be three weeks old, weighing just 310 grams (a little underweight) upon arrival. She was so hungry that she screamed at the top of her lungs for us to feed her,” Celine shared.

After a lengthy day, the kitten, named Rain, found herself in a foster home where she would receive round-the-clock care.

She was very tiny for her age.

“She was fed every four hours to maximize her chances of survival.”

Under the foster mom’s diligent care, Rain began to gain weight, her fur shining with health and her eyes sparkling with mischief.

As soon as Rain felt a surge of energy, she began to explore her surroundings, displaying a newfound vitality.

Rain thrived in the company of others, cherishing companionship and playtime.

When introduced to toys, Rain’s eyes widened with wonder. She engaged in playful antics, showcasing her wrestling prowess.

As she grew, her curiosity and sense of adventure expanded.

Rain experienced various beds, from plush clouds to breezy hammocks. She even had a blanket fort to retreat to after meals.

The time came for Rain to meet Celine’s resident cat and other foster kitties. She immediately bonded with them, finding comfort and companionship.

Now, she spends ample time nestled among her feline friends, content in their presence.

Her once-hungry, lonely cries have transformed into contented purrs. Rain now boasts a round belly and is surrounded by a furry entourage of cats as she slumbers.

She is delighted and content to be surrounded by her friends.

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