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Jake – 2-Year-Old Male Cross-Breed

Jake – 2-Year-Old Male Cross-Breed

Jake is an attractive 2-year-old large male cross-breed dog with a captivating presence.

He is a charming and active young dog with a deep affection for toys, particularly those that provide mental stimulation and contain delightful treats.

Jake exhibits remarkable intelligence and adaptability, adjusting seamlessly to new surroundings. He is sociable and eagerly seeks affection from everyone, proving to be wonderful around children and demonstrating a gentle disposition.

His coat, reminiscent of a fluffy white retriever, requires regular grooming to maintain its pristine condition. Jake would be overjoyed to find a home with another dog, a playmate with whom he can share his days, engaging in games, walks, and restful moments together.

He shows great sociability on his walks, playfully interacting with other dogs. If he were to be the sole dog in his new home, arranging play dates or considering doggy daycare would be ideal!

Jake is compatible with cats, is housetrained, neutered, and accustomed to walking on a leash, though he may pull when excited by the sight of other dogs, indicating a need for ongoing leash training.

Initially timid with new guests, Jake prefers outdoor introductions. Once comfortable, provided visitors are patient and calm, he quickly warms up to them.

An early riser, Jake is full of energy in the mornings and is eager for his walks. He would flourish with an active family that enjoys an outdoorsy lifestyle. Jake is currently residing in West Sussex, waiting for a family to match his vibrant spirit.


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