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Introducing Hannah: A Heartful of Purrs and Love

Introducing Hannah: A Heartful of Purrs and Love

Birthday: March 2022

Don’t think of postponing your decision to adopt—Hannah has waited long enough to find a forever home, and she is as deserving of love as any other feline companion! Hannah’s journey has been anything but easy. Tragically, not only did she face hardships, but her kittens did too, enduring equally distressing experiences. Shortly after giving birth, Hannah was heartlessly abandoned. However, fate stepped in, and she, along with her kittens, was rescued by compassionate humans, reassuring her that they were all in safe hands.

It is unimaginable to consider the cruelty of abandoning a helpless cat and her newborns to fend for themselves in the wild. Yet, despite her traumatic past, Hannah’s faith in humanity remains unshaken. She is an endless source of purrs and affection, demonstrating her love for humans at every opportunity. Whether you’re having a tough day or simply enjoying a quiet moment, Hannah is ready to curl up on your lap and provide comfort with her soothing purrs. Her playful and easygoing nature makes her an excellent companion for any home, even one with other pets.

The adoption fee for Hannah is $115, which includes age-appropriate vaccinations, deworming, flea treatment, Felv/FIV testing, a microchip, and spaying.

For more information about adopting Hannah, please contact Judy at To apply for adoption, visit our online application at Please note: Loving Care Cat Rescue (LCCR) adheres to a strict policy against declawing and requires that all adopted cats remain indoors.

*Please be aware that LCCR will be increasing adoption fees starting November 1, 2023, due to escalating costs of medications and surgeries.


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