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From Plump to Skinny: A Resident’s Discovery of Nearby Kittens

From Plump to Skinny: A Resident’s Discovery of Nearby Kittens

A keen-eyed resident observed a startling transformation in a neighborhood cat, shifting from plump to skinny overnight, sparking a realization that there were kittens nearby.

Tuba’s Tale:

A friendly stray, Tuba, appeared in the neighborhood, wandering the streets in search of sustenance. Despite her amiable nature, no one stepped forward to claim her. A resident who had grown fond of Tuba was taken aback by her sudden weight loss. “She went from pleasingly plump to surprisingly skinny overnight,” shared Mary Huckabee, Officer of Coastal Bend Cat Rescue (CBCR), with Love Meow. The sudden change hinted at a possible pregnancy, prompting the resident to investigate the whereabouts of Tuba’s kittens.

The Discovery:

The resident, familiar with Tuba’s frequent visits to their home, meticulously searched the premises for any sign of the elusive kittens. After days of searching, they stumbled upon a heartwarming sight – a cuddle puddle of kittens nestled under their front porch.

The Rescue Effort:

Recognizing that the porch wasn’t an ideal environment for raising kittens, especially in the summer heat, the resident swiftly contacted CBCR for assistance. While awaiting arrangements for a foster home, they provided Tuba and her newborns with nourishment and care.

A New Beginning:

Once a foster family became available, the kittens were safely retrieved from under the porch. Tuba, observing the rescue, displayed a sense of contentment, seemingly anticipating this moment. “Mama was so happy to be taken inside into a foster home,” Mary recounted. Tuba effortlessly adapted to her new surroundings, relishing in the abundance of food provided.

Meet Tuba and Her Quartet:

Tuba, known for her vocal nature, eagerly anticipates meal times and isn’t shy about expressing her desires. With four kittens – three cream and one orange, comprising two boys and two girls – Tuba has her paws full. The kittens, named after brass instruments, are beginning to explore their surroundings under their watchful mother’s guidance.

Growing Stronger:

As the kittens approach three weeks old, they exhibit newfound energy and curiosity, playfully interacting with each other and seeking attention from their foster mom. Despite their increasing independence, Tuba showers her offspring with unwavering affection.

A Loving Family:

While Tuba dotes on her kittens, she also craves human companionship, readily seeking affection and attention. Thanks to the timely intervention of a compassionate neighbor, Tuba and her quartet were rescued and now thrive in the comfort of a foster home, reveling in the joys of indoor living.


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