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From Feral to Family: Pizza the Tortie’s Journey to Trust and Love

From Feral to Family: Pizza the Tortie’s Journey to Trust and Love

When Pizza, a tortie queen, first arrived at the House of Six Cats, she was a feral, pregnant cat, accustomed to the harsh life of a colony. Rescuers, including her foster mom Liv, found her growling, hissing, and shying away from human contact.

“Something in my heart couldn’t let her go before I tried socializing her,” Liv shared on TikTok.

Initially, Pizza was to be returned to her habitat through a trap, neuter, and release program after being spayed. However, Liv sensed potential in Pizza for a gentler life and decided to attempt socialization, even though Pizza was fiercely protective of her kittens.

πŸ• Protective Mama Pizza πŸ• In the early days, Pizza was extremely protective, retrieving any kitten that Liv moved from her nest. “I thought she hated my guts, but I think she was just really protective of her kids,” Liv explained.

As the kittens matured, Pizza gradually warmed up to Liv, allowing tentative pets and slowly starting to trust.

🐒 The Tortie Comes Out of Her Shell 🐒 By day eight, Pizza was less reticent, purring and showing signs of enjoyment towards affection. “She finally comes out from hiding when I’m in the room with her. She likes pets, but still can get a little spooked if you pet too much. This is all on her terms,” Liv noted.

By the end of the month, Pizza was more open, even offering her belly for rubs, and had formed a strong bond with Liv, her new best friend.

🧑 When Pizza Meets Georgie 🧑 Confident enough to meet other cats in the rescue,

Pizza soon encountered John Paul Jones and other felines, adapting quickly due to her colony background. However, it was George, a somewhat grumpy orange cat also rescued from the streets, who stole her heart. Surprisingly, the feeling was mutual, and they quickly became inseparable.

Pizza and George’s connection blossomed into a deep companionship.

“The happy couple πŸ•πŸ§‘,

” Liv celebrated on TikTok, where she shared moments of the duo, humorously noting they seemed like an old married couple.

πŸ’ From Feral to Life as a Married House Cat πŸ’ Today, Pizza relishes her life as a cherished house cat, visibly healthier and more content. At night, she enjoys cuddles and pets as she settles into bed, a stark contrast to her former feral life.

Though George remains her primary love, Pizza playfully keeps company with other male cats at the house, including Potato, Mr. Tuna, and Ted. “I can’t handle their relationship πŸ˜‚πŸ•πŸ§‘,” Liv joked about her playful antics.

For more updates on Pizza, George, and their fellow feline friends, follow the House of Six Cats on Instagram and TikTok.


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