Home Blogs From Abandoned Box to Beloved Laps: The Story of Two Bonded Kittens

From Abandoned Box to Beloved Laps: The Story of Two Bonded Kittens

From Abandoned Box to Beloved Laps: The Story of Two Bonded Kittens

Two bonded kittens, discovered in a box outside, quickly adapted to indoor life by finding any available lap to curl up on once brought inside.

Two young gray kittens were found abandoned in a box without their mother in sight, urgently requiring care. Tails High, a dedicated all-volunteer rescue group, swiftly intervened.

After two to three weeks of nurturing, the kittens’ health visibly improved, marked by fuller bellies and increased vitality.

Named Mike and Ike, initially thought to be males, they leaped from their carrier into their new foster home, immediately seeking out laps for comfort.

“A lap never remains vacant for long with Mike and Ike around. They’ve been incredibly affectionate from their first day here. They are utterly fearless and endearing,” shared Asa, their foster mother, with Love Meow.

The household’s pet-loving dogs were quick to respond to the sounds of the new arrivals, eagerly wagging their tails in anticipation of meeting them.

Contrary to typical cautious kitten behavior, Mike and Ike were unfazed by the resident pets, boldly approaching Asa’s other cats and dogs.

“They even fearlessly approached the vacuum cleaner, something I’ve never seen any animal do. It was quite amusing to watch these tiny kittens bravely confront something as large as a vacuum,” Asa recounted.

During a routine veterinary visit, it was discovered that the kittens were actually females, but the names Mike and Ike remained.

When not occupying a lap, the kittens found solace in each other’s company, snuggling together on their favorite blanket or with the resident dog, Kona. Ike often kneaded Mike affectionately before they both settled into sleep.

“Mike needed extra attention; she struggled with weight gain and had some worrying moments,” Asa disclosed.

For a period, Mike faced difficulty in retaining food, which led to severe underweight concerns. “I was devastated, thinking we might lose her.”

Asa then observed Mike had issues with breathing and swallowing during feeding. Adjusting Mike’s posture during meals proved effective; Asa would hold her upright, wrapped snugly, until she finished digesting.

During her recovery, Mike, along with her sister, found additional comfort curling up on Kona, who provided them with a motherly presence.

Since then, Mike has thrived, catching up to Ike in weight due to her newfound appetite.

“They now spend their days energetically playing, climbing over me, or napping on my lap while I work,” Asa described their typical day.

Initially, they all fit together in a purring pile on Asa’s lap, but as they grew, they continued demanding to be held together.

Working from home transformed into a continuous kitten cuddle session for Asa.

“It’s challenging to get any work done, and I often wonder how I manage,” Asa joked.

“While they started out looking nearly identical, as they grow, they each develop distinct features. Watching them grow is bittersweet; it signals they’re nearing readiness for adoption.”

Ike has now reached three pounds, with Mike close behind, both flourishing and constantly seeking affection from their foster mother.


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