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From A Shelter Returnee to a Forever Home

From A Shelter Returnee to a Forever Home

Imagine the elation of a dog on the brink of adoption. We can scarcely grasp the depth of their joy. After all, they are on the cusp of a fresh beginning, a liberation from a place they hoped to never see again.

Wall-E was overjoyed when he first found a home. At last, a forever family!

However, his joy was short-lived. Shortly after his 2015 adoption, Wall-E found himself back at the starting point, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC).

This Labrador mix returned to the shelter with all his possessions: his bed, his toys, and a shattered heart.

Yet, Wall-E wasn’t the only one heartbroken. The shelter reported that the family was devastated but had to relinquish him for his own good.

“This guy deserves a forever family who won’t give up on him ❤️ Please don’t bash his previous owners, though. We don’t know the entire story. The owner was heartbroken and in tears. It was difficult to help them leave. The staff shared tears with the owners. We believe this was not an easy decision,” the Maricopa shelter shared on Facebook.

Confused and uncertain of his missteps, Wall-E was left at the shelter, his heart fragmented.

The shelter manager explained:

“He was surrendered because his family couldn’t dedicate enough time to him. He was very frightened. In his kennel, he would incessantly bark.”

It didn’t take long for the shelter to list Wall-E for adoption again, seeking a new home where he could heal and find solace.

A photo capturing his surrender went viral instantly.

“Here is Wall-E as he was being surrendered by his owner 😞. They brought all his belongings… as if they would still be with him two months later in his kennel 😞,” stated the shelter.

Luckily, Wall-E was an exemplary dog. Well-trained and amiable with everyone, he was well-suited to quickly find a new home. He was the ideal pet for a loving family with a white-picket fence.

The forever home that embraced Wall-E was Lynn Lee’s. The search that took two months concluded in moments. Wall-E captivated her immediately, even getting along with her other dog!

It was clear that Wall-E had found his place with her.

Now, Wall-E spends his days frolicking in the park, basking in the sun, and reveling in his true forever home. He is now a cherished family member who will never see the inside of a shelter again.


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