Home Blogs Flip Flop, a Wobbly Cat with a Big Personality, is a “Master Escape Artist”

Flip Flop, a Wobbly Cat with a Big Personality, is a “Master Escape Artist”

Flip Flop, a Wobbly Cat with a Big Personality, is a “Master Escape Artist”

A cat known as Flip Flop is celebrated for her large personality and her status as a “master escape artist.”

About six months earlier, the Community Cat Club took in Flip Flop, a notably wobbly cat, from a local animal shelter to improve her chances of finding a loving home.

Initially, Flip Flop was timid and slightly overwhelmed by her recent weeks at the shelter. However, with a peaceful environment, a comfortable bed, and the presence of her foster parents, she began to settle in.

Three weeks after her arrival, Flip Flop’s true character started to show. “She became noticeably more outgoing and displayed quirky behaviors,” shared Erika, her foster mom, in a discussion with Love Meow.

Flip Flop suffers from Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a neurological condition impacting her mobility. Despite her challenges, she has adapted, showing spirited playfulness especially when engaging with toys.

Her favorite method of moving around the home involves her humans. “She loves to be close to me and my husband, and seems content just being in the same room,” says Erika.

Flip Flop, an observant and curious cat, enjoys overseeing the activities of her household and peering out at the neighborhood through a large bay window. “If she were a person, she’d surely be the neighborhood gossip,” Erika imagines.

Flip Flop insists on sharing space with her foster parents and is unstoppable in her efforts to do so. “She cannot be contained,” Erika states.

Despite her inability to stand steadily on all fours or walk straight, Flip Flop has escaped every containment solution, from playpens to pet pop-ups, always striving to be near her people.

Her desire to be with her humans is relentless. She has managed to scale and hop over substantial barriers, turning into a renowned “master escape artist” and bringing laughter with her antics.

Nothing pleases her more than cuddling on a warm lap, often falling asleep while trying to keep her eyes open.

“We’ve provided her with a clothes hamper for easy transport around the house, and she also has a bassinet,” Erika told Love Meow.

“She generally loves being near us. I’ve even crocheted her some cat toys which she enjoys,” added Erika.

Flip Flop radiates happiness continually, making it difficult not to smile in her presence.

She loves being the center of attention and reigns as the queen of her household, completely unaffected by her physical limitations.

Erika hopes to find a permanent home for Flip Flop where she can be the cherished, sole pet and receive all the attention she desires.


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