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Five Types of Astrology



Here are some different types of astrology—and how to find the one that’s right for you.

The more you study astrology, the less you understand! In fact, looking up your birth chart only scratches the surface of the zodiac’s knowledge and mysteries. After all, this is the language of the universe, and it has many dialects. When you realize how many different types of astrology exist, you can narrow down which one is best for you.

Five different types of astrology

Modern Astrology

In the Western world, the two main branches of astrology are modern astrology and traditional astrology.

Modern astrology, which focuses on the study of someone’s inner psychology, is probably more familiar to you.

As it delves deeper into the nature of your psyche, it operates with the understanding that everything is an opportunity for growth. In a nutshell, modern astrology encourages self-improvement and the exercise of free will. This branch of astrology is for you if you look for the silver lining in almost everything.

If you’re a student of modern astrology, you’ve probably heard that generational planets can rule over zodiac signs.

This means you’re assuming Neptune rules Pisces, Uranus rules Aquarius, and Pluto rules Scorpio. You most likely calculate birth charts using the Placidus house system, which allows two different zodiac signs to occupy the same astrological house in your birth chart.

Traditional Astrology

Traditional astrology believes that most things have already been decided, whereas modern astrology emphasizes free will.

If you believe in fate, you’ll probably prefer traditional astrology, which encompasses all forms of Western astrology practiced prior to the mid-nineteenth century. Hellenistic astrology is most likely the most widely practiced type of traditional astrology today (aka the astrology of ancient Greece and Rome).

Zodiac signs cannot be ruled by generational planets such as Neptune, Uranus, or Pluto, according to traditional astrology.

Jupiter rules Pisces, Mars rules Scorpio, and Saturn rules Aquarius. Traditional astrologers typically employ the Whole Sign house system, which states that each astrological house is evenly divided and ruled by a different zodiac sign. 

Relationship Astrology

One of the most popular types of astrology is relationship astrology, which looks at the astrological compatibility of two people.

The most common method is synastry, which looks at how one person’s birth chart affects another’s. For example, if your moon sign forms a harmonious trine with the moon of another person, you will likely feel safe and emotionally validated in each other’s company. However, if your Mars sign opposes their Saturn, you’re likely to irritate each other in the long run.  

A “composite chart” is another method for delving into relationship astrology. This involves combining the birth charts of two people until they form a single chart that describes how the relationship functions as a whole.

Financial Astrology

Astrology is not only a tool for self-discovery and relationship development; it is also a means of increasing one’s income.

This branch employs astrological transits to “predict future price behavior for a specific stock, index fund, currency, or gambling endeavor,” according to financial astrologer The Leo Trader.

Some financial astrologers will look into the charts of companies and corporations to predict future behavior, according to Leo Trader, who runs a Substack with additional information.

Others will use AI-powered technology to “plug planetary transits into a computer program and blend all of the transits into a proverbial astrological milkshake of dates and stock data,” according to the report.,” making further predictions. 

They use financial astrology by observing what the fast-moving inner planets are doing on that particular day.

Medical Astrology

While an astrologer cannot replace a licensed medical professional, they can help fill in the gaps and point you in the right direction.

This is especially true if you use medical astrology, which can help you narrow down the nature of your illness or improve your overall health by indicating what dietary and lifestyle changes you should make.

In astrology, each zodiac sign governs a different body part.

Each planet is in charge of a specific disease or disorder. There are even astrological associations assigned to various symptoms as well as the disease that may cause them.

Furthermore, because medical astrology is more than just predicting illness, it can shed light on the types of natural medicines that may be able to heal the problem or alleviate the symptoms. simply improve your quality of life.


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