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Farmer Receives Support Following Severe Injury

Farmer Receives Support Following Severe Injury

Somai’s negligence nearly proved fatal—a lesson for all.

Gratitude is abundant for an Indian farmer, post-removal of a sizable tumor from his neck.

Somai, a 55-year-old farmer from Basti, Uttar Pradesh, overlooked a tumor for twenty years, mistaking it for a swollen gland, until it matched the size of his head.

Once removed, the benign tumor weighed 1.4kg—equivalent to three pints of milk.

The surgical procedure to extract the tumor lasted nearly three hours, allowing Somai to finally move his head without pain.

A specialist at King George Medical Center in Lucknow noted the rarity of encountering such a large tumor.

Rapid growth characterized Somai’s condition, but timely medical intervention has him on the path to recovery, with his hospital discharge impending.

Doctors explained that the tumor was a sub-mandibular one, originating from the salivary gland. Approximately half of such tumors are benign and treatable through surgery.

Withholding his surname, Somai now enjoys unrestricted head movement after successful surgery.

Dr. Omkar Vedak, from the surgical team, shared, “Somai was admitted on July 12th after our outpatient’s department review. Immediate surgery was deemed necessary after scanning.”

“The operation was complex, taking three hours to address the tumor pressing on the carotid arteries, crucial for supplying blood to the face, brain, and neck.”

Post-removal, the tumor weighed a significant 1.4kg.

These arteries, pressed by Somai’s tumor, are vital as they can be felt pulsing in the neck.

Salivary gland tumors typically begin small below the jawline, with a notable percentage becoming malignant.

Dr. Vedak added, “The sub-mandibular glands under the jaw secrete saliva beneath the tongue. A smaller nodule would have simplified surgery, but Somai’s large tumor complicated the procedure. Nevertheless, we successfully completed the surgery and Somai is recuperating. Once his stitches are removed, he’ll be discharged to return home.”


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