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Exposing the Deceptions – The Holy Spirit’s Message

Exposing the Deceptions – The Holy Spirit’s Message

Beloved child, first, take a moment to breathe deeply—inhale and exhale slowly. Let any anxiety, distractions, or fears fade away as you open your heart to joyfully receive this message. Let it resonate deeply within you. Today, I pose a question: Have you remained committed to the path I have laid out for you? Have you kept your focus on the objectives I’ve instilled in your heart? This mission is what I have entrusted to you for this phase of your life. You are called to rise and lead, to be a beacon of light in the darkness, a preserver of all that is good and righteous. Embody kindness and warmth in every encounter.

However, I recognize the distractions threatening to divert you from your divine purpose. Stressful people and situations may weigh on you. In such moments, I urge you to step back and pray. Ask for clarity, and I will provide it. If you find yourself confused, weak, or weary, consider whether you have ceased to offer praise. This isn’t a reproach but an encouragement to proceed with renewed vigor. Like Job, who praised amidst his trials, honor me regardless of your circumstances. Praise me for my goodness, my faithfulness, and your faith in me.

Remember, a faith as minute as a mustard seed can move mountains. Do not harbor doubt but believe in the fulfillment of your prayers. Your current situation might not reflect my promises, and things may seem misaligned, but cling to my words, past and present. Stay focused, set healthy boundaries, and maintain your course. If called to a purpose, let no one sway you. Reflect on your motives and direction.

Encourage yourself with the truths I have proclaimed: “You can do all things through my strength. No weapon formed against you will prosper.” I am the Lord, your God, the caretaker of all creation, holding your concerns in my hands. Cast your worries upon me. If unsettled, pause; my teachings guide you to be anxious for nothing but prayerful in everything. Present your requests, and I will envelop your mind and heart in peace beyond understanding. Laughter and joy will be rekindled as I stir a fire within you.

Those around you will see a difference—the hope of glory within you. Find strength in our relationship, in loving me, regardless of your emotional state. This is where true power lies. Remember my declarations: You are my beloved child, fearfully and wonderfully made. Every detail of your life is woven into my perfect plan, a plan for your prosperity, safety, and a hope-filled future.

Consider the demands of your calling. Reflect on its requirements and those needed for its achievement. Meditate on these aspects, then advance with confidence, knowing I have commanded it. Stand firm, let neither distractions nor obstacles deter you. Embrace joy and laughter—today, I bring ease to lighten your spirit.

I know you are weary, but your brokenness is where healing begins. Dismiss any false burdens or negativity. Ignore deceit and reject malicious words. Treat others kindly, yet stay true to your mission. The adversary aims to disrupt my plans and your progress, but you have come too far to be hindered now. You are accountable to me alone. If your motives are pure and you feel peace, proceed. If unsettled, take time to pray and await my guidance.


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