Home Blogs Enthralling Journey of a Lone Star Family: Welcoming Quadruplets with Summer’s Radiance!

Enthralling Journey of a Lone Star Family: Welcoming Quadruplets with Summer’s Radiance!

Enthralling Journey of a Lone Star Family: Welcoming Quadruplets with Summer’s Radiance!

In the heart of Texas, the Hagler household has expanded exponentially, radiating joy and doubling its essence with the arrival of quadruplets this summer. Gabby Hagler, 39, and Patrick Hagler, 50, embarked on an extraordinary journey when they discovered, during a 12-week ultrasound, that their family was about to burgeon not by one, but by four precious souls.

Picture this: the ultrasound room hums with anticipation, the monitor flickers with life, and amidst the shared excitement, the Haglers received an unexpected revelation. As Gabby, a real estate broker, reminisces, “We thought we were looking at two angles of the same bliss, and then possibly four, but the ultrasound tech was all thrilled… counting ‘one, two, three, oh wait, no, no, wait, there’s four’.”

Amidst the shock and disbelief, Bennett, Coby, Dane, and Adam Hagler made their grand entrance on June 22nd, ushering in a wave of pure bliss. After experiencing a heartbreaking miscarriage, the Haglers embraced this blessing with open arms, welcoming their rainbow babies with overflowing love and gratitude.

As the Hagler quadruplets made their debut at 34 weeks, the household resonated with newfound vitality. Fraternal in nature, the boys – Adam, Bennett, Coby, and Dane – were lovingly named with the assistance of their older siblings: stepbrother Paxton, stepsister Kalleigh, and brother Sammy. Their home, infused with the sweet chaos of infancy, is a testament to the boundless love that surrounds them.

Navigating the initial days with grace, the quadruplets found themselves briefly in separate NICUs before uniting in the intermediate-level unit. Gauntlet thrown, and challenges met, the Haglers rejoiced as their little warriors triumphed, each milestone a testament to their resilience.

For Patrick, a marriage and family therapist, turning 50 took on a new dimension with the arrival of four tiny miracles. “Most people are becoming grandparents at 50, but here I am, energized by these four little bundles,” he remarked with a smile, encapsulating the transformative power of parenthood.

Life, as they knew it, underwent a delightful upheaval. Financial plans were redrawn, retirement savings dipped into, but amidst the chaos, the Haglers found a rhythm, a melody of love that resonated through every diaper change and midnight feed. Their meticulously planned routines now revolve around the needs of four tiny hearts, each demanding and rewarding in its own right.

As the quadruplets’ personalities begin to emerge, the Haglers find themselves marveling at the distinct traits of each. Adam, the poised leader; Bennett, the charismatic charmer; Coby, the consummate professional; and Dane, the gentle giant, each carving their unique place in the family tapestry.

Painting toenails, color-coding cribs, and orchestrating a symphony of love, Gabby and Patrick Hagler find solace in the unity of their family. Supported by a network of friends and family, near and far, they navigate the tumultuous waters of parenthood with grace and gratitude.

In the quaint town of Katy, Texas, amidst the swaying grasslands and the Lone Star sky, the Hagler family thrives. United by love, bound by destiny, they embark on a journey where every day is an adventure and every moment a cherished memory. With Kalleigh, Paxton, Sammy, and the quadruplets – Adam, Bennett, Coby, and Dane – at the helm, theirs is a story of resilience, love, and the unbreakable bond of family.



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