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Dog Who Harms Himself From Stress, Sits By Door Waiting For It To Open

Dog Who Harms Himself From Stress, Sits By Door Waiting For It To Open

Patience is often celebrated as a virtue, but for Rocky, an eight-year-old dog, the rewards of patience seemed elusive. After years of waiting, joy never fully arrived, and his life descended into further despair. Found on the verge of euthanasia in a shelter, Rocky faced an uncertain future. His plight was highlighted in a heartfelt TikTok video by ‘Shelter Dogs of AZ,’ showing him waiting by the shelter door, hoping for a savior.

Rocky’s journey has been fraught with disappointments. Initially sold on Facebook Marketplace by his first owner, and later surrendered to an animal shelter in Arizona by his second, his experiences deeply impacted his emotional health. At Maricopa County Animal Care & Control in Phoenix, the stress of the shelter environment led him to self-harm, causing injuries and making him difficult to handle around other dogs and prone to escape attempts.

Katie Gerlach, the creator of the viral TikTok video, spoke to Newsweek about Rocky’s critical situation. “Per shelter policies, Rocky was given a five-day deadline,” she said, revealing his imminent risk of euthanasia. Gerlach’s video plea emphasized Rocky’s need for a specialized rescue, stating, “The shelter has changed Rocky’s status and he is no longer adoptable to the general public. He can ONLY be saved by a New Hope rescue. We need an only dog adopted or foster + funds for a rescue to save his life.”

New Hope rescues cater to dogs with significant medical or behavioral issues, unsuitable for general adoption. As the days passed, Rocky’s hope for rescue dimmed, but he continued to watch for a rescuer as his deadline approached. In a turn of fate, just before his scheduled euthanasia, a local rescue group called Rescue Street intervened.

In the end, Rocky’s patience led to a new chapter filled with hope. A compassionate individual took a chance on him, ending his long stretch of loneliness and uncertainty. Although Rocky is currently in a boarding situation, he remains hopeful for a permanent home soon. Most importantly, he is safe and on the path to a brighter future.

PUPDATE: Since the original publication of Rocky’s story, he has found his forever home! Rocky will now live a life filled with love and acceptance, just as he deserves.

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