Home Blogs Charlie – A 4-Year-Old Female Hound Cross

Charlie – A 4-Year-Old Female Hound Cross

Charlie – A 4-Year-Old Female Hound Cross

Charlie is an enchanting female hound cross, approximately 4 years old, distinguished by her delightfully long ears.

After facing numerous adversities, she is now in search of a permanent home. Originally from Cyprus, Charlie was rescued from a difficult situation and is ready to start a new chapter in her life.

Formerly a stray, she depended on the generosity of passersby for food until her rescue. Presently, she resides with a foster family in Cyprus, sharing her temporary abode with other dogs and weighing a modest 12kg.

Despite her challenging past, Charlie is vibrant and loving, exuding warmth and affection. Initially timid, she gradually opens up, revealing a heart as expansive as her ears, brimming with love and loyalty.

If you are looking for a devoted friend who needs just a little extra love and understanding, Charlie is the ideal choice.

By welcoming her into your heart and home, you can provide the supportive environment she needs, ensuring her tail wags with boundless happiness.


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