Home Blogs A Woman Born Without Arms Embraces Motherhood, Masterfully Caring for Her Child with Her Feet

A Woman Born Without Arms Embraces Motherhood, Masterfully Caring for Her Child with Her Feet

A Woman Born Without Arms Embraces Motherhood, Masterfully Caring for Her Child with Her Feet

Dejana Backo entered the world under unique circumstances and, during her childhood, often questioned her mother about her differences. As she matured, she grew to accept and celebrate her uniqueness, which propelled her to remarkable achievements: Dejana has become an accomplished artist and a distinguished athlete. Moreover, she has recently embarked on new journeys in her personal life, embracing roles as both a wife and a mother.

Born on December 9, 1994, in Novi Sad, Serbia, Dejana Backo came into the world without arms, a challenge she never allowed to hinder her aspirations. Her journey of self-discovery and acceptance enabled her to excel as both an athlete and an artist.

During her childhood, Dejana often inquired about her lack of arms but eventually realized that her disability did not define her or limit her capacity for a fulfilling life. In her personal life, she shares a profound love with her husband, a fitness trainer, and the couple enjoys traveling and sharing their adventures on social media.

At the age of nine, Dejana joined the Society of Mouth and Foot Painters, which encouraged her to pursue her artistic passion. After graduating from the Design Art School in 2014, she continued her education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad. Over the years, she has held solo exhibitions in approximately 20 locations across various Balkan countries.

Dejana, also known as the “girl with wings,” has become an icon of resilience and empowerment in Serbia. Despite her physical limitations, she has achieved significant success in sports, including becoming the world champion in para taekwondo—a first for Serbia—at the World Para Taekwondo Championship in Turkey in 2019.

In February 2023, Dejana reached another significant milestone by giving birth to her first child. She decided to pause her competitive career to prepare for this momentous event, choosing to skip the Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024. Nevertheless, she continues to actively promote her message through social media.

While Dejana has always been passionate about art, her interest in sports has grown even stronger. Motivated by her desire to compete in the Paralympic Games, she took up Para taekwondo in 2016 and quickly excelled, winning the K41 women’s −47 kg division.

Dejana openly discusses the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and a positive self-image to overcome obstacles and focus on the positive aspects of life.

The arrival of her child has impacted her athletic career, as she plans to take a break before resuming training, which could affect her physical performance. However, Dejana remains confident in her ability to overcome any challenges.

Dejana has mastered the use of her feet to perform tasks many accomplish with their hands, caring for her daughter by feeding her, changing diapers, and walking with her.

Dejana and her husband recently celebrated their marriage, sharing heartfelt photos and expressions of their boundless, unconditional love on social media, marking their commitment on February 22, 2024.

Dejana’s story is a source of profound inspiration, echoing that of another woman who, despite losing an arm, triumphed as both a professional athlete and a mother.


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