Home Blogs A Serendipitous Rescue: How a Smiling Kitty Overcame Adversity to Bring Joy

A Serendipitous Rescue: How a Smiling Kitty Overcame Adversity to Bring Joy

A Serendipitous Rescue: How a Smiling Kitty Overcame Adversity to Bring Joy

During a routine jog through a cornfield near Owensboro, Kentucky, Kelly DeWeese stumbled upon a small calico kitten that would irrevocably change her life. Mourning the loss of her mother, Kelly was instantly drawn to the tiny, abandoned feline whose vulnerability halted her in her tracks.

Upon realizing the kitten was alone, Kelly approached, half-expecting it to flee. Surprisingly, the kitten greeted her without hesitation, marking the beginning of their heartwarming journey.

The Challenge of a Frail Feline

The kitten, suffering from a host of issues including weepy eyes, a flea-infested coat, ear mites, and a weak meow, clearly needed urgent care. Without a second thought, Kelly scooped her up, named her Snickers, and prepared her for a veterinarian visit the next morning.

Despite Kelly’s efforts to find Snickers’ owner by posting pictures online, no one came forward. After a vet diagnosed Snickers with a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics, her health unfortunately showed no signs of improvement.

Faced with a critical decision and moved by the belief that Snickers was a gift from her late mother, Kelly chose to adopt her. They traveled to a specialist in Louisville, Kentucky, where a CT scan revealed significant polyps in Snickers’ ears and behind her eyes, necessitating costly surgeries.

A Risky Recovery

The first surgery was successful, but the second brought complications; a polyp dislodged into Snickers’ throat, rendering her unconscious and temporarily blind. Despite these challenges, Snickers miraculously regained her sight weeks later, much to Kelly’s astonishment and relief. This marked a turning point, and Snickers began to thrive, growing into a healthy and joyous cat.

The Bond That Heals

Kelly firmly believes that Snickers’ arrival was divinely orchestrated, a sentiment echoed in her heartfelt testimonial on the “Cats and Kittens” platform: “I’ve always felt that my mother was watching out for me. She knew I needed Snickers as much as Snickers needed me.”

Snickers, with her distinctive facial markings and cheerful demeanor, has become an irreplaceable companion to Kelly. Whether playing fetch, exploring their home, or relaxing together, their bond is a testament to mutual rescue and recovery.

Snickers’ adventures and daily antics can be followed on her Instagram, providing a dose of cuteness and positivity to her followers. She also makes appearances on TikTok and Facebook, spreading charm and delight across multiple platforms.

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