Home Blogs A Long Wait for Home: Lindsy’s Journey from Shelter to Cherished Companion

A Long Wait for Home: Lindsy’s Journey from Shelter to Cherished Companion

A Long Wait for Home: Lindsy’s Journey from Shelter to Cherished Companion

Lindsy, a Pittie girl, entered the doors of a shelter in 2016, expecting perhaps a short stay until her family would come for her. However, her story took an unexpected turn. Initially considered a temporary “lost and found” case, her stay at Babylon Animal Shelter in New York became the longest and most challenging period of her life. At six years old and after years with a family, her brief hope of reunion was sparked when a child from her family called the shelter to claim her, but mentioned needing to consult her father about the pickup, as recalled by Kristin Siarkowicz, a shelter staff member.

Days turned to weeks, then months, with no further contact from her family. It became clear that Lindsy had been forsaken, yet the shelter staff held onto hope, believing in her charm and loving nature. They knew she deserved a new, loving home. Describing her on Facebook, they said: “Lindsy wants to be with you, to share in your activities, and to be a comforting presence. She is the ideal companion for leisurely walks and cozy TV evenings—a truly low maintenance, affectionate friend longing for a new home.”

Despite her endearing qualities, Lindsy faced challenges in finding a new family. Potential adopters were scarce, possibly deterred by her breed’s reputation or her age. As time passed, she continued to wait patiently in her kennel. Then, in March 2019, nearly three years after her arrival, Lindsy’s perseverance paid off.

Announcing her departure on Facebook, the shelter shared, “It has finally happened… Lindsy has left the building.” She didn’t immediately find a permanent home but was welcomed by Noel’s Dream Bully Rescue in Waltham, Massachusetts. There, she transitioned beautifully from shelter life to a more homely environment, becoming one of the longest residents to make such a move. The rescue group successfully placed her in a foster-to-adopt home that later became her forever home.

By December 2019, Lindsy was fully settled into her new life, her spirit thriving even in her senior years. Babylon Animal Shelter posted a heartwarming update: a photo of Lindsy cozy under a blanket on Christmas morning with the caption, “Who remembers Lindsy? We got this great photo of Lindsy on Christmas morning. What a life.” Her journey was long, but Lindsy ultimately found the loving home she was destined for, cherished for her true self.

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