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A Discarded Kitten Finds Joy and Playfulness in His New Home

A Discarded Kitten Finds Joy and Playfulness in His New Home

A kitten once abandoned outside now radiates joy with spirited bunny kicks as soon as he steps into a new home.

Viktor the Kitten’s Rescue@tapia_b07 In the last weeks of the month, a compassionate individual found a tiny kitten abandoned in a trash bin. She brought him home, cleaned him up, and attended to his needs.

Soon realizing the kitten needed more specialized care, she contacted the Toronto Humane Society for assistance.

“This kitten was very young, about 2.5 to 3 weeks old,” shared Tapia, a foster volunteer from the rescue organization.

Rescued from a Trash Bin by a Caring Samaritan@tapia_b07 Lacking his mother’s care, the little tabby, named Viktor, depended entirely on a volunteer for round-the-clock feeding and care.

The finder didn’t know that such young kittens require help to potty after meals, similar to what their mother would provide. “By the time he arrived at the shelter, his belly was quite swollen.”

Viktor was comfortingly snuggly from the start@tapia_b07 A veterinary technician managed to relieve his discomfort. Viktor, feeling much lighter, immediately lay down on his face and fell asleep, visibly relieved.

His foster journey began with curious sniffs and a twinkle in his eye. He arrived with the squeakiest meows and an array of charming qualities that Tapia had never seen before.

@tapia_b07“He loves to rest his chin on everything. He’ll rest it on my chest and close his eyes while I speak softly to him. He’ll even rest his chin on a toy or any handy object.”

Viktor was small but bold as he explored his new surroundings with delightful waddles.

Viktor loves cuddling on a warm lap@tapia_b07 When he grabbed his first toy, his excitement was unmistakable as he unleashed a flurry of joyful kicks.

“He’s grown into a tiny bundle of playfulness, and even though he doesn’t have another kitten to play with, he enthusiastically tackles his stuffed animal friends one at a time. His determination is fierce yet very loving.”

*He enjoys wrestling with a stuffed toy, giving it vigorous bunny kicks@tapia_b07 Viktor has achieved several milestones during his time in foster care. He’s starting to use the litter box and proudly shows off his rounded belly.

His personality has blossomed, making him the most lively little kitten. His love for play is an endless source of both mischief and delight.

@tapia_b07 Besides his playful nature, Viktor enjoys snuggling up to his people or finding a warm lap to nestle in – he’s a veritable love sponge, absorbing all the affection he can get.

@tapia_b07 “He will come running when called and happily follows you around like a little puppy. He loves getting his entire head massaged while he purrs contentedly with his eyes closed.”

He’s a little cuddle bug@tapia_b07 “I believe Viktor knew from the very beginning that he was safe and loved. He was trusting and filled with sweetness from day one,” Tapia told Love Meow.

He’s becoming more playful and mischievous each day@tapia_b07 Viktor continues to grow strong and healthy, cherishing every moment with his foster mom. He’s got a little buddy of his own, the bunny, and adores every second spent with it.

Viktor and his bunny@tapia_b07

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