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A Blind Cat’s Journey to Forever Home After 20 Foster Stays

A Blind Cat’s Journey to Forever Home After 20 Foster Stays

Obi, a striking ginger cat blind from birth, required extraordinary care from his earliest days as a kitten. Unfortunately, despite transitioning through over twenty foster homes, he never found the stability or dedicated attention he needed.

That changed when Hannah discovered Obi at a local shelter. She was immediately captivated by his charm and committed to providing him with a permanent, loving home. With Hannah, Obi became the focal point of nurturing and care. She patiently taught him to master the stairs and navigate his new surroundings safely.

Obi cherished napping in his mother’s arms, likely dreaming of his favorite tuna and chicken snacks!

As time progressed, Hannah observed Obi’s growing need for companionship. Inspired by his playful spirit, she decided to expand their family, as she revealed in her video, “He wanted to play, and he was ready for a mate.”

During one of his foster stays, Obi had formed a unique bond with Tara, a cat who uniquely engaged with him while other cats did not. Hannah recalled, “Tara was the only one playing with him; the other cats kind of shunned them.”

Determined to reunite the friends, Hannah contacted the shelter and was delighted to find that Tara was still available for adoption.

Although uncertain if Obi and Tara would recall their previous connection, their reunion was seamless, filled with immediate and joyful play, as if no time had passed.

Their favorite activity became hide and seek, with Tara cleverly using Obi’s blindness to her advantage, sneaking past him playfully, as Hannah shared, “She understands that Obi is blind and uses that against him.”

Initially, Tara felt overwhelmed by new people, but Obi, ever the social butterfly, helped her learn to greet newcomers. Over time, Tara evolved into an extrovert, much like her brother.

Now, these two thrive on companionship, with Obi grooming Tara as she contentedly sleeps in his paws.

Hannah’s open heart and home have given Obi and Tara a joyful, secure life. To see more of their heartwarming exploits, be sure to follow their adventures on Instagram!


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