Home Blogs 18-Month-Old Male Akita Seeking a Loving Home

18-Month-Old Male Akita Seeking a Loving Home

18-Month-Old Male Akita Seeking a Loving Home

Meet Akira, a handsome and playful 18-month-old male Akita, currently in search of a nurturing forever home.

Akira is an affectionate and attention-loving lad who thrives under structured training and consistent guidance. He is alert, confident, and highly engaging, making him a joy to interact with. Already familiar with basic commands such as “sit,” Akira can comfortably be left alone for 2 to 3 hours without any issues of destructiveness. He enjoys his outings but would benefit from additional lead training. Fortunately, his strong food motivation makes ongoing training an achievable task with dedicated owners.

Currently, Akira has been living as an only dog, and he would ideally suit a home where he can continue to be the sole pet. However, homes with experienced owners and a resident female dog may be considered after successful introductions.

Given Akira’s lively and exuberant nature, he is best suited to a home without small children. He would thrive with older children who can match his energy and enthusiasm.

If you feel drawn to this beautiful boy and are ready to offer him a loving home, we would be delighted to connect with you.

Location: East Sussex Gender: Male Age: 18 Months Compatibility: Preferably as an only dog or potentially with a female dog, pending introduction Children: Suitable for homes with older children House Training: Yes Exercise Needs: High Lead Training: In progress

Akira is waiting to bring joy and companionship to his new family.


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