Home Blogs Two Three-Week-Old Kittens Found Abandoned In A Cardboard Box Get A New Chance At Life

Two Three-Week-Old Kittens Found Abandoned In A Cardboard Box Get A New Chance At Life

Two Three-Week-Old Kittens Found Abandoned In A Cardboard Box Get A New Chance At Life

With each passing day, the number of abandoned cats and kittens continues to rise. However, amidst these heartbreaking stories, there are moments that restore our faith in humanity. Prepare to be uplifted as you read the heartwarming tale below!

Meet Binx, the ginger kitten, and Salem, the flame point kitten. Despite their tender age of just three weeks, they faced a daunting start to life after being abandoned.

Discovered behind a compassionate resident’s home, nestled in a cardboard box, these tiny felines were in desperate need of help. Recognizing their plight, the resident wasted no time in reaching out to the rescue community.

Caroline Grace from Baby Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles, California, swiftly stepped forward upon hearing about Binx and Salem. She enlisted the help of a fosterer named Jessica to provide the care and attention the kittens required.

Without hesitation, Jessica welcomed the adorable duo into her home, immediately tending to their needs. Battling fleas, she gently bathed them before ensuring they received nourishment and affection.

As days passed, Binx and Salem began to flourish under Jessica’s care. Their initial fear subsided, replaced by curiosity and affection as they explored their new environment.

Despite their tumultuous start, the bond between Binx and Salem remained unwavering. Through every trial and triumph, they clung to each other for comfort and companionship.

However, Jessica soon noticed an anomaly with Binx’s hind legs – a condition known as swimmer syndrome. Undeterred, she embarked on a journey of intensive therapy to help correct Binx’s legs.

Throughout Binx’s rehabilitation, Salem remained a steadfast companion, offering unwavering support and affection.

After weeks of dedicated therapy, Binx’s legs were successfully corrected, allowing him to run and play alongside Salem once more.

Their foster journey continued with Jayne, a compassionate woman who admired their resilience and bond. Recognizing their inseparable connection, Jayne ensured they would be adopted together.

Soon, a loving family, grieving the loss of their senior cats, crossed paths with Binx and Salem. Witnessing their unbreakable bond, the family knew they had found their newest additions.


Renamed Juni and Olly, the furry siblings embarked on a new chapter filled with love and happiness, finally receiving the care and affection they always deserved.



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