Home Blogs Tiny Disabled Kitten Wins the Heart of a Soldier During Her US Army Deployment

Tiny Disabled Kitten Wins the Heart of a Soldier During Her US Army Deployment

Tiny Disabled Kitten Wins the Heart of a Soldier During Her US Army Deployment


Christine Bouldin, an intelligence specialist and soldier with a compassionate spirit, was nearing the end of her final deployment with the U.S. Army when an unexpected encounter changed her life forever.

Unbeknownst to her, a small, furry creature was about to make a significant impact just moments before her departure.

While on base, Bouldin spotted a cat and its kitten roaming nearby. She was surprised to see them in such an environment and quickly realized that the kitten struggled to walk. She reflected on the sight:

“It broke my heart to see her like that. She kept tumbling over whenever she tried to stand.”

Compelled by compassion, Bouldin took it upon herself to care for them, feeding them from her meal rations, which soon improved the kitten’s condition.

In the process, Bouldin learned that the kitten, now named Felix, was suffering from cerebellar hypoplasia. Despite the challenges associated with the condition, cats like Felix can lead fulfilling lives, much like Phineas, another cat with the same disorder who thrived under care.

As time passed, Bouldin developed a deep connection with Felix and the idea of leaving her behind became unbearable.

Bouldin explored the possibility of transporting the cats back to the United States with the help of the canine unit. However, as she feared, the response was negative.

In a twist of fate, the mother cat disappeared and never returned, making Bouldin even more determined to find a way to bring Felix home with her.

A breakthrough came when a veterinarian, who had been treating Felix, introduced Bouldin to Pam Constable, an American involved in local animal rescue efforts.

Bouldin wasted no time in reaching out to Constable, who soon delivered the uplifting news that Felix could stay with her until arrangements were made for her journey to the U.S.

Constable commented on Felix’s resilience:

“Despite her numerous special needs, Felix has an incredible ability to adapt and persevere. It’s truly motivating to witness such resilience in an animal, especially when they’re often underestimated.”

The following year, Constable returned to the U.S. and brought Felix to North Carolina, reuniting her with Bouldin.

The reunion was a success, and now Felix enjoys a loving home in Colorado with Bouldin, her family, and another cat named Gus.

This heartwarming tale concludes on a joyful note, reminding us that some efforts are indeed worth the commitment and patience.


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