Home Blogs This Couple Took In A Pittie And Learned Something Interesting About Their Breed

This Couple Took In A Pittie And Learned Something Interesting About Their Breed

This Couple Took In A Pittie And Learned Something Interesting About Their Breed

When puppies are born, they need their mother’s unconditional love and care to thrive and turn into happy pups. Sadly, some puppies are not given the chance to spend their puppyhood alongside their mom and soak up all her love.

Koby, a Pit Bull mix puppy, was one of the fur babies who was separated from his mother when he needed her the most. His owners, who were breeders, dumped Koby and his siblings in front of a South Carolina shelter because they weren’t pure Pit Bulls. The little siblings longed to be curled up next to their mama, yet they found themselves huddled in a cardboard box, waiting for someone to give them compassion and love.

A New Life

The shelter staff took the puppies in as soon as they found them. Since the fur babies were in a kill shelter, Ollie’s Angels Animal Rescue, a non-profit organization located in New York, took the siblings into their care.

In 2021, a newlywed couple, Steven and Jessica, wanted to adopt a dog and went to the rescue. A sweet tan Pit Bull puppy named Koby captivated their hearts as soon as they met him. Koby felt a strong connection to Steven and Jessica when they held him in their arms for the first time.

“The first time we got to hold him, he just sunk in our arms,“ Steven told GeoBeats Animals.

That same day, the couple brought Koby to his forever home.

Koby needed some time to adjust to his new life. The little puppy couldn’t sleep well during the first couple of nights. Wishing to help him relax, his parents bought him a stuffed animal that is warm and has a heartbeat. It worked. Koby found comfort in the toy and felt much better.

The pooch is nothing but love. He likes to sit in his dad’s lap and snuggle with him on the couch. Before Koby entered their life, Steven didn’t know how much Pit Bulls love cuddling with their humans. Steven and Jessica gave Koby all their love and raised him like their own child. The adorable pup wants to be with his parents all the time, and he gets sad when he can’t accompany them.

His parents can always read his emotions in his eyes.

“It’s like looking at a person. You know exactly what he’s feeling just based on his eyes alone,” Jessica told GeoBeats Animals.

Koby Adores His Parents

Both Steven and Jessica noticed the effects that being separated from his mom so young had on Koby. He missed her warmth and her love. Koby gives all his unconditional love to his human parents. The sweet doggo proved to be very protective of his human mom while she was pregnant. He was always by her side, making sure that everything was alright. He often rested his head on his mom’s bump.

Although Koby adores his mom, his favorite person is his dad. The gentle pooch sits on the couch and looks out the window, eagerly waiting for his dad to return home from work. The moment his dad arrives home, Koby runs to welcome him, showering him with countless hugs and kisses.

Steven says that Koby is like a son to him. He loves the way Koby greets him when he comes back home. Both he and his wife can’t imagine their life without their boy.

“He’s become such an important part of my every day. If I have a tough day at work, it’s nice coming home to a beautiful wife, but it’s also nice coming home to somebody that you know is guaranteed gonna greet you with excitement and hugs and kisses,” Steven said.

Koby sometimes posts updates on Instagram about his dream life with his family. The sweet pup became a proud big brother to his human sister. He watches over her and loves her a lot.


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