Home Blogs The Heartfelt Grief of a Husky: Mourning at Its Owner’s Tombstone

The Heartfelt Grief of a Husky: Mourning at Its Owner’s Tombstone

The Heartfelt Grief of a Husky: Mourning at Its Owner’s Tombstone

A devoted husky grapples with the loss of its beloved owner, expressing deep sorrow at the tombstone. Witnessing the profound emotional bond between dogs and their owners, this poignant scene exemplifies the depths of canine loyalty and affection.

Wiley, the wolf-dog, shared an unbreakable bond with his late owner, Gladys, making it challenging for him to comprehend her passing.

In a poignant video, Wiley is captured wailing inconsolably at Gladys’ burial site, lying mournfully beside her gravestone.

The emotional footage, resonating with viewers worldwide, depicts Wiley’s heartrending sobs and trembling as family members gather around him.

In a touching moment, a family member reaches out to comfort the grieving Wiley, acknowledging their shared loss with the words, “We miss her too.”

Shared by user SarahandtheWolves on YouTube, the video has garnered over 9,174,611 views, touching the hearts of countless individuals.

Wiley is among the military wolf-dogs that provide support to veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) upon their return from combat, as detailed on SarahandtheWolves’ YouTube account.

These remarkable animals offer rehabilitation and companionship to veterans through the Lockwood Animal Rescue Centre (LARC), specializing in the care of wolf-dogs and horses.

Addressing concerns about Wiley’s well-being, SarahandtheWolves reassures viewers, stating, “While I’m not a vet, I can confirm that he has never exhibited this behavior before or since. Though it may seem like anthropomorphism, coping with loss takes many forms…”

“For those suggesting he’s unwell, rest assured that he’s in good hands. LARC has veterinary support on-site, and Wiley is doing well.”

To experience the poignant scene firsthand, watch the heartrending video here.


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