Home Blogs Rescued Kitten Battles to Save His Sight After Being Cruelly Abandoned

Rescued Kitten Battles to Save His Sight After Being Cruelly Abandoned

Rescued Kitten Battles to Save His Sight After Being Cruelly Abandoned

In an alarming act of cruelty, a sick four-month-old kitten named Doug faced a harsh beginning when he was thrown over an 8-foot fence into the yard of Waukegan Animal Control on January 25th. Despite his terrifying ordeal, hope shines through as he bravely battles for his health.

After his rough landing, Doug was found in dire need of medical attention, frightened and suffering. He was immediately taken in by Purrfect Cat Rescue, which coordinated urgent veterinary care for him. Upon examination, veterinarians discovered Doug had severe double eye infections and corneal ulcers, particularly critical in his right eye, along with significant respiratory issues. Fortunately, there were no other physical injuries.

The medical team acted swiftly, prescribing initial treatments and recommending further evaluation by an eye specialist. In the meantime, a compassionate foster home welcomed Doug. His dedicated foster mother diligently administered eye drops twelve times daily and provided oral antibiotics to combat his respiratory condition and eye infections.

The specialists later determined that Doug was naturally blind in one eye but held cautious optimism for restoring some vision in his other eye with new medications now being administered by his foster family.

Amid mounting veterinary costs, Purrfect Cat Rescue sought assistance from Greater Good Charities’ Emergency Animal Medical Fund. This fund supports shelters and rescues in managing emergency medical expenses for animals like Doug, focusing on crucial surgeries and treatments when resources are stretched thin after basic necessities.

Currently, while the focus remains on preserving his remaining vision, the rescue is also monitoring his blind eye for any potential complications that might necessitate surgical intervention.

Despite his challenges, Doug remains an exuberant kitten, playing joyfully and cherishing cuddles with his foster mom. He doesn’t let his impaired vision hinder his lively spirit or his love for stuffed mice.

The rescue has set a fundraising goal of $1,200 to support Doug’s ongoing care and medical treatments, emphasizing the profound impact of community support. Donations not only aid Doug but also empower the rescue to assist more animals in urgent need.

To contribute to Doug’s recovery and help other animals receive necessary medical care, consider donating to the Emergency Animal Medical Fund. Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of animals facing desperate situations.


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