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One Eye, One Nostril, All Heart: Exceptional Feline Finds Forever Family

One Eye, One Nostril, All Heart: Exceptional Feline Finds Forever Family

When Eggbert’s photo was showcased on the adoption roster at an Ohio animal sanctuary, it took merely a day for this endearing feline to captivate a family. His irresistible “lovebug” persona and captivating charm shone through the lens, making his quick adoption no surprise.

Eggbert stands out for more reasons than just his charm. This striking tabby cat boasts a distinctive appearance, having been born with only one eye and one nostril. Nonetheless, the Fairfield Area Humane Society in Lancaster, Ohio, emphasizes that these physical differences do not hinder his zest for life!

Swift Adoption for the Lovebug

Eggbert’s swift connection with his new family is understandable. Not only does he boast an appealing look, but his biography on the Fairfield Area Humane Society’s Facebook page also describes two-year-old Eggbert as an “absolute angel of a kitty.”

The shelter’s post reveals, “Despite being born with one eye and one nostril, and snoring robustly, nothing slows him down!”

“He enjoys giving headbutts, having his chin scratched, and shadowing you like a duckling.”

The shelter also noted that Eggbert had occasionally experienced seizures in the past. While under their care, he had no episodes, and they committed to collaborate with his new family on monitoring and managing his condition, potentially treating for epilepsy as required.

Eggbert seemed simply perfect, and that’s exactly what cat enthusiast Holly Starr felt when she encountered this remarkable feline on Facebook. She instantly knew Eggbert was destined to join her family. She also thought her cat Lark, another one-eyed charmer adopted from Fairfield, would find a companion in him.

Fairfield concurred, noting, “They would be wonderful companions.”

Holly contacted the shelter the following morning and arranged a meeting with Eggbert. Promptly, Eggbert was welcomed into his new family! Now, he relishes life in his forever home alongside his new best friend, Lark. It appears Eggbert has many years of indulgence ahead!

Holly shared with Newsweek, “I’ve always had a deep affection for animals with special needs, ensuring they receive a nurturing home brimming with all the care they deserve.”

Fairfield expressed, “We know Eggy is in the finest care. He couldn’t have found a more loving home! He is destined to be adored and pampered endlessly.”

Special needs cats are often overlooked in adoption processes, yet these resilient felines have abundant affection to offer. When considering expanding your family with another cat, think about adopting one with special needs. The love, purrs, and affectionate whisker kisses they offer are immensely rewarding!


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