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Mother Cat Protects Kittens by Covering Them, Becomes Remarkably Tender When Rescued

Mother Cat Protects Kittens by Covering Them, Becomes Remarkably Tender When Rescued

A mother cat covering her kittens for protection became incredibly affectionate once rescued.

Sequoia the cat, Larissa @larissadubzLast month, a homeless cat and her four kittens sought refuge in a local’s garage. Subsequently, they were taken to an animal shelter in urgent need of a foster situation.

The shelter made multiple appeals to nearby animal rescues for support. Larissa Dub, an emergency room physician and volunteer at Liberation Cat House, responded to their urgent call for aid.

“At the shelter, she was seen constantly over her kittens to shield them, refusing to let the shelter staff touch her or her kittens,” Larissa recounted to Love Meow.

Larissa @larissadubzLarissa prepared a room for Sequoia, the feline mother, ensuring a nurturing environment filled with ample food and numerous blankets. “She and her kittens deserved a shot at a better life.”

Unsure of Sequoia’s reaction, Larissa was apprehensive about handling her during the shelter pickup.

Larissa @larissadubz“The moment she was secure in my carrier and we left the shelter, she appeared calm and displayed no hostility,” Larissa told Love Meow.

“Upon arriving home, I opened her carrier in our designated foster room, and she instantly began affectionately rubbing against me.”

Larissa @larissadubzSequoia’s attitude transformed as soon as she realized she and her kittens were out of the kennel.

She was overjoyed with her new surroundings, and the cautious look in her eyes melted into sheer satisfaction. “At that moment, she understood she was safe,” Larissa added.

Larissa @larissadubzExploring her new environment, Sequoia re-entered her carrier, fetched one of her kittens, and gently placed him on Larissa’s lap as if confirming her trust in her human caregiver.

“Sequoia is incredibly nurturing towards her kittens and the sweetest cat I’ve ever fostered. She’s very affectionate, loving to cuddle and particularly fond of the scratching pad we introduced to her.”

Larissa @larissadubzUnder Sequoia’s loving care, the all-male kittens have flourished, becoming playful and curious, eagerly exploring their surroundings.

They instantly react to Larissa’s voice, crowding around her for cuddles and affection. “They chirp and welcome me whenever I enter the room.”

Bryce, Smokey, Rainier, and ZionLarissa @larissadubz“Sequoia is practically still a kitten herself, being likely under a year old, very playful and exceedingly affectionate. She enjoys chin rubs and forehead kisses and communicates with us whenever she can, enjoying being held.”

Larissa @larissadubzOne kitten, Smokey (tuxedo), was born without a hind foot due to a congenital issue, yet he doesn’t see himself as any different.

He actively engages with his siblings, Bryce, Rainier, and Zion, in playful tussles.

Rainier, Smokey, Bryce, and ZionLarissa @larissadubzSequoia protected her kittens outdoors and led them to the garage, aiming for a secure environment to nurture them.

Now in a loving foster home, they are thoroughly enjoying their lives.

Larissa @larissadubz“Sequoia cherishes each one of her kittens. They are set to be available for adoption soon, with the hope that each will find a caring forever home.”


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