Home Blogs Miraculous Reunion: Adventure Cat Rescued in National Park After Seven Harrowing Weeks

Miraculous Reunion: Adventure Cat Rescued in National Park After Seven Harrowing Weeks

Miraculous Reunion: Adventure Cat Rescued in National Park After Seven Harrowing Weeks

Brothers Draco Malfoy and Sirius Black are cherished cats who sprinkle magic into their owners’ lives with their spirited antics. They are inseparable, often accompanying their family on hikes in Jasper National Park. However, an unexpected turn during one such adventure in the Canadian Rockies led to heartbreak when Draco slipped his harness and disappeared.

The incident unfolded while the family was on vacation. After Draco was startled and darted into the wilderness, his family embarked on an exhaustive search. Despite their efforts, they had to leave Jasper without him, a decision that weighed heavily on their hearts. Yet, they continued the search from afar, utilizing social media, return visits, and the support of Good Samaritans. For seven long weeks, Draco was missing, until the joyful news arrived that he had been found.

Family Vacation Takes a Turn

During their trip in late August, Alix Jena and Jean-François Lizaire, along with their feline companions, were enjoying Draco’s favorite trail. Draco, who preferred walking, was on a leash, while Sirius rode comfortably in a backpack. Alix shared with Daily Paws that Draco was usually only carried when crossing bridges due to his fear of water.

As they navigated a narrow trail section, Draco caught sight of hikers with a canoe overhead, which he mistook for a monstrous sight. Panicked, he slipped his harness and fled into the trees, despite his training to seek safety with his owners in scary situations.

“We spent ten hours that first day searching through the forest,” Alix recalled, a day marred by rain and the sinking realization that Draco had vanished.

Continued Search from a Distance

The family’s search extended throughout their vacation, but to no avail. They returned home to Edmonton, heartbroken but not without hope, as they appealed for help on social media. The sporadic sightings of Draco kept their hopes alive, even as fears of him being preyed upon or injured loomed.

Jean-François once saw Draco from a distance during a search, but the cat, not recognizing him, scampered away. Reports from Daily Paws highlighted Draco’s survival instincts, noting he left a trail of “half-mice,” indicating he was fending for himself.

With the help of Parks Canada and dedicated volunteers, Draco was eventually captured using a humane trap after seven weeks in the wild. Alix humorously noted, “He was thriving as a wild cat,” relieved that Draco remembered his domestic roots upon rescue.

The reunion was heartfelt as Draco immediately recognized Alix and ran into her arms. Miraculously, he had only lost a little weight and was otherwise healthy, eagerly awaiting his reunion with Sirius.

Deep Gratitude for the Community’s Effort

Alix and Jean-François are profoundly thankful to Parks Canada and the volunteers who played a pivotal role in Draco’s safe return. They expressed their gratitude, feeling that mere thanks were insufficient to convey the depth of their appreciation to everyone who aided in bringing Draco home.


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